4Food Closes Up Shop for August

4Food Closed
4Food closed yesterday for a “pause to reboot.” No idea what they plan on doing to upgrade the customer experience (though I have a few ideas if they want an amateur blogger’s opiniom) ¬†We’ll find out soon enough when they reopen on September 7th. Apparently the grand reopening might also bring cake, hopefully for us it’ll be of the free variety.


  • Real fried potato natural cut french fries would go a long way to improve the experience.

    The natural concept is a nice idea, but it doesn’t generate traffic. How about really GREAT, delicious, ingredients that are natural when possible. Great juicy meat, great tomatoes, great bacon, great pickles, great guacamole. you get the idea.

  • I’m not the least bit surprised. Was not a fan when I went to their grand opening….I’m actually shocked they lasted this long.

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    Yeah, not a shock. They can either reduce prices or increase the sizes or quality. But 20% less for 20% more isn’t working. Not to mention that clustereff of a menu. It’s nice that a giant list of custom options is available, but by lunch I’m too hungry to think that clearly. I’m pretty much reduced to grunting and pointing. Have 5 things up top for us point-and-grunts: hamburger, turkeyburger, veggieburger, fishburger, twee-monthly-special.

    • That’s one of things they need to change. The menu options are rather overwhelming which is not helpful when I’m hungry.

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    Perhaps they’ll do a reboot like Sensebowl did. Open up on 9/7 with an updated menu, stick around for a week or so, then put a “closed for the week” sign that stays in perpetuity.

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