Where To Find Passover Sweets in Midtown

Midtown Lunch Passover
Hello chocolate covered matzoh! Photo courtesy of Mamacita.

Early today we told you about Passover lunches, but what’s a good holiday without some good desserts?! If you’re still in need of something to bring to Seder tonight (or just looking for an afternoon pick me up), here are some sweet options you can choose from.

Apple Haroset Tart

If you’re in need of impressive cake options, head on over to a Financier Patisserie. They have a nice selection of unique cakes in both large and individual sizes. I tried two last week, the light Apple Haroset Tart and the decadent Chocolate Macaron Cake, and absolutely loved both of them. The Apple Haroset has loads of apple surrounding a haroset filling, all on a sable with matzo crust, while the Chocolate Macaron includes layers of rich chocolate cream covered in a dark chocolate glaze. They are also carrying some flourless cookies and treats, including the better of the Midtown chocolate-covered matzos I tried (Jacques Torres won out in the overalls.)

If you can get to Grand Central, there’s Joe The Art of Coffee where I’m sure they’ll have some of Erica’s Rugelach’s Raspberry Cinnamon Rugelach, or chocolate-covered macaroons. But if you really need to make that train or bus, God has bestowed Zaro’s in GCT, Penn Station, and Port Authority.

Raspberry Red Sea

If you can’t get over to Financier, I recommend trying your local Crumbs. They’ve put out their own Passover menu and it kicks their Easter menu’s ass. I picked up a Raspberry Red Sea, nut cake filled with raspberry preserves and topped with raspberry vanilla cream cheese frosting. I’d join the tribe if it meant getting this cupcake in the regular rotation. Though its sweet, it is Crumbs and it is a cupcake, it is like the cupcake version of a linzer tart, but moist and thoroughly enjoyable. Crumbs is carrying some more traditional sweets as well: honey cake, sponge cakes, flourless chocolate, and covered macaroons.

Mini Macarella

Moshe’s Falafel truck will likely be closed all week- but thankfully the Street Sweets will be picking up the slack for some mobile Passover dessert action. The Street Sweets’ Macarella (or the “Kosher Samoa” as I like to call it) was practically made for this holiday, and they even have mini versions available. They’re not out today because of the weather, but will be serving up their version of the macaroon for the rest of the week.  Check their Twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker for their location.

Financier Patisserie
First Avenue at 54th Street
Sixth Avenue at 48th Street
Grand Central Terminal

Seventh Avenue and 37th Street
Lexington Avenue and 41st Street

Various locations throughout Midtown


  • my aunt made “matzah crack”- chocolate,toffee,nuts, covered matzah. pretty addictive, hence the name.

    she also made some iranian almond cake that is good too. not overly sweet.

  • I’m waiting for Zach to chime in and request chocolate-and-bacon-covered matzoh.

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    Thanks for the Passover sweets roundup! Unfortunately, Crumbs’s website says the Passover cupcakes, while flourless, are not Kosher for Passover.

    • Stop spoiling all the fun! None of this stuff is technically “kosher for passover”. For that I’m pretty sure it’s got to be cooked in a kitchen that has been made kosher for passover (by getting rid of all the flour, etc.)

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        Sorry, don’t mean to spoil the fun. I was just pointing it out for those who are hardcore K for P and didn’t want them to be disappointed if they went to the store. I’ll certainly be partaking in the Crumbs’s Passover selection and some of the other treats — they all sound amazing!

  • Trans fat alert, trans fat alert!

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    I just heard from Kim at the Treats Truck and they have macaroons, chocolate chip macaroons, and apricot squares this week for Passover.

  • I love the picture – chocolate covered matzah and hamentashen. These two do not go together.

    @Blondie – nice roundup, except for the rugelach, which are a no go for Passover. I can’t imagine I would ever buy anything from Crumbs, but that Red Sea does look and sound intriguing.

    @Steve – I make that too, but I don’t bother with the nuts. Way better than just plain chocolate covered.

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