Checking Out the Macarella (and Yoko) at the Street Sweets Truck

I’d like to pretend that I’ve mastered the art of taking advantage of free food deals.  You know… get in, grab free stuff, get out unscathed.  But sometimes they do work on me.  On Friday, I stopped by Kyotofu to grab their free bag of mini muffins, and ended up buying a pumpkin/chocolate soft serve.  And a week before that I stopped by the Street Sweets Truck for a free mini pumpkin whoopie pie, and ended up with a full sized pumpkin whoopie pie and their latest creation… the macarella.  What can I say, I couldn’t resist.

What the hell is a macarella?


Macaroon + Nutella = Macarella.  And not the fancy french macarons, that have been popping up in NYC over the past few years, but the OG macaroon (the difference is in the “ooooooon”.)  The moist and chewy cookies, with shreds of coconut bound together by egg whites and sugar that you find at any respectable break-the-fast (and preferably covered in chocolate.)  Well Street Sweets has improved on the classic, by flattening out the macaroon and sandwiching it around nutella (the hazelnut spread that along with peanut butter and fluff makes up the College Student Spreadable Trinity.)  Delicious, and at $2.75 it’s not a terrible deal considering you are actually getting two cookies (plus nutella), and they’re pretty big.

I wonder if Yoko Ono ordered one when she visited the truck on Friday.  Hopefully not though, I’d hate to see this cookie break up and disappear.  Hey-oh!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  And now I feel dirty.  Not just because it was a lame joke, but also because I know Linda is the real reason the Beatles broke up.)

To find the Street Sweets Truck, visit their Twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker.

The Street Sweets Truck Top 5


  • Dale tu cuerpo alegria, Macarella

  • I’ve been eating the Macarella since before they gave it the new name, and that’s the reason I keep coming back to Street Sweets. (well, that and the flan. and the whoopie pie.) So good. Haven’t tried any of their savory selections, though.

  • Sounds interesting. I think I’ll make a batch of macarellas at home–for a small fraction of what the truck charges. It’s not like these things will go bad in a day. And I can do the double-nutella stuffing, or add a layer of chocolate shavings, or (*gasp*) a combo of nutella and peanut butter between the squashed macaroons. I will probably make some of each. mmmmmmm.

  • needs more bacon. and fluff

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