Free Cupcake Reminder

Don’t forget that Kyotofu (the Japanese bakery on 9th Ave. btw. 48+49th) will be giving out free cupcake sampler packs all day today to celebrate their new fall bakery items.  They open at Noon. [ML Forums]


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    It’s set up so that you will probably have to buy something in order to get your free cake packs. And I actually had to ask for it after I purchased my item. The sampler pack was very generous and delicious.

  • No purchase necessary. I wandered in and received my sampler pack….which definitely was delish! I arrived at 12:10 and there was no one there.

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    Lucky you. I was there much later than you were and there was a huge line. I was wondering if they were running low, especially since she didn’t even offer me one when my purchase was around eight bucks. If I didn’t ask I know I wouldn’t have gotten a sampler pack.

  • That’s weird. When I got there, a girl was placing a $36 order and the lady at the counter didn’t offer her a sampler either! Doh! I think she only gave them out if you specifically asked.

    I felt kinda bad not buying anything…but now that I tried the samples, I’ll definitely go back and make a purchase.

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    Yes, quite strange about the lady not offering the sampler to the $36 order girl. Well, I guess their sampler packs are working since you’ll be heading back. It was pretty yummy and there are a couple of items that I hadn’t tried yet where I wouldn’t mind buying again in the future.

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