Free Coffee and Whoopie Pie Alert

The Street Sweets truck will be on 50th Street btw. 6+7th Ave. today giving away free coffee and mini pumpkin whoopie pies from 12:15 to 2pm.  Freeloaders engage…


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    Just got back from the Street Sweets truck where there was no line and they were very nice! The Pumpkin Whoopie pie was good but I wouldn’t call it mini… more like a one bite whoopie pie (ala the one bite brownies at Whole Foods).

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    I went over because I work a block away. No line, but the whoopie pie they’re giving away is 1/4 of their normal (small) whoopie pie. I guess I didn’t need the calories of even a small one, but I’m also glad I didn’t go out of my way for this freebie.

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