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Not Enough Korean Taco Options For You? Meet the Seoul Food Truck

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new player in the Korean taco game. A couple of weeks ago, when I visied Yogi BBQ, I was certain that this would be the end of the Korean taco craze. But lo and behold, commenter “locondcoco” tipped us off to yet another: Seoul Food.

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Ambrosia’s Bibimbap is Under $10 Again!

Remember Ambrosia, that generic deli on 45th street that we once said had the best bibimbap in Midtown? Then, there was talk of a decline in quality and they raised their prices out of ML range, so we sort of stopped writing about it. Well, I’d like to bring it back, and here’s why…

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Korilla Now Offering Late Lunch/Dinner Delivery

Imagine it’s “one of those days” at the office. You look up and it’s way past lunchtime, and suddenly you realize that sound you keep hearing is your own tummy grumbling. Now what? Now you can order Korilla delivery. Details are thin at this point, but according to this you can email them after lunchtime rush to order delivery. They did clarify that deliveries are available only in midtown and lower, and that orders should be placed an hour in advance.

Crisp on Wheels has also been tweeting lately about delivery in Midtown, usually around where their truck is parked. Could this be the new model for food trucks in 2012? Only time will tell …

Yogi BBQ Cart Is the Newest Korean Taco Contender

You would think that the Korean taco niche has reached capacity by now, but apparently not.  Yesterday Lunch’er Harry tipped us off to this new cart on the corner of 56th and Madison, and we had to see if the new kid on the block could hang with the big boys.

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Stick to the Chicken at BonChon Turtle Bay

Back in August, we announced the opening of a brand new Bon Chon location in Turtle Bay, but never got around to a full review. Since I’ve never been to Bon Chon (criminal, I know), I decided it was most definitely time for me to venture over.  Korean fried chicken places can get a bit expensive if you aren’t careful, but there are four lunch specials on the menu that all clock in at under $10: BonChon Chicken Lunch, LaFrieda Korean Bulgogi Burger + Frite, Balsamic House Salad, and BonChon Marinated Chicken Fried Rice.

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Bob & Jo’s Spicy Chicken Revisited

The Bob & Jo truck has been in Midtown a lot lately. Earlier this week, I found myself happily ordering at their window after unsuccessfully trying to solve the Vietnamese food mystery at Taz. Having enjoyed the chicken rice platter in the past, I went with the chicken baguette sandwich. The chicken was even better than last time, because this time, it WAS hot and spicy, as promised on the menu. The heat was tempered by the condiments in the sandwich. Served in a crispy baguette and topped with sweet and sour radish and carrot kimchi, the sammie was an absolutely delightful lunch.

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Pleasant Surpises Beyond the Mongolian BBQ at Bread & Honey

Bread and Honey Exterior

Over the past several months, rumors started flying amongst friends and co-workers about a new bodega on 8th Avenue with an eclectic but intriguing variety of international foods. European friends murmured about their hefty line-up of Kinder chocolates and Cadbury confectioneries, and Korean friends spoke of their impressive stock of kimchi, banchan, and packaged noodle soups. The bodega that they were referring to, was none other than Midtown West newcomer, Bread & Honey.

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BCD Tofu House May Offer the Best Lunchtime Soondubu Jjigae in K-Town

BCD Tofu House

When I last wrote about finding a sit-down, under $10 lunch in Manhattan’s Koreatown at Muk Eun Ji, I started by stating the obvious – the area is a treasure of affordable and filling lunch time options. But woe to those who have the tough but enviable task of deciding a venue, given the great selection – a good problem to have. If your heart is set on soondubu jjigae, the warming stew of soft tofu in a rich and spicy broth that simultaneously exhilarates and comforts, you’ll find no better on the block than at BCD Tofu House.

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Snapshots: What We Ate at Food Gallery 32 w/ Google Yesterday

_MG_4952 - Version 2

Yesterday, more than 50 winning lunchers joined us for a free meal at Koreatown’s Food Gallery 32 provided by the fine folks at Google Places. Blondie, Brownie, Chris and I snacked on some great food and met more than a few of the winners.

If you didn’t make it, follow the jump for a few of the dishes that we ate there.

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Gobuki Serves Up Korean Sandwiches On 52nd Street

The forums have been abuzz about Gobuki, since they opened three weeks ago on 52nd street at 6th avenue. According to the woman running the show, the cart has a new owner, and it replaces a cart that used to serve Korean noodles (which earned a Midtown Lunch sticker that is still on display in the picture above!). Some thought they replaced Bapcha, but I can confirm that both their carts are still on 49th street, safe and sound (unless it was, in fact, a satellite location).

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