Snapshots: What We Ate at Food Gallery 32 w/ Google Yesterday

_MG_4952 - Version 2

Yesterday, more than 50 winning lunchers joined us for a free meal at Koreatown’s Food Gallery 32 provided by the fine folks at Google Places. Blondie, Brownie, Chris and I snacked on some great food and met more than a few of the winners.

If you didn’t make it, follow the jump for a few of the dishes that we ate there.

_MG_4945 - Version 2

Ojingeo dupbap – Spicy squid over rice

_MG_4927 - Version 2

Mul Naengmyeon from Noodle 32


Korean Pork Ramen also from Noodles 32

_MG_4917 - Version 2

Ojingeo spicy spaghetti from Pastel

_MG_4913 - Version 2

kimchi soondubu jjigae from Hanok

_MG_4925 - Version 2

Ojingeo Bokkeum from Hanok

_MG_4934 - Version 2

…and some sort of tofu dish that Brownie picked up to go for her mom.

It was great to see so many of the different dishes available at Food Gallery 32, I’m certainly going to give a few of them a try on upcoming visits.

Thanks to Google for the free food and to all who participated (also to Chris for identifying most of the dishes for me). If you came through let us know how you enjoyed it in the comments.


  • Ultraclay, nice photo shots of non-street meat food and good job with naming the dishes. Now I know what korean food names to butcher next time I go to K-town and want to try some of these dishes. Interesting to see half the selections you photographed were squid dishes (oejingo). I guess squid’s the thing to order at Food Gallery.

    • yeah, I was sort puzzled by all of the squid dishes. Surprised more people didn’t go for the small galbi, since it was one of the few dishes that was exactly $9.99

  • My wife and I got to go, and we had noodles from the Noodle 32 stall. She had the Korean beef miso ramen, I had – and I’m going to have to go back – the dish that was the wheat dough boiled in the spicy soup.

    The ramen, while not rivaling Tabata and Menkui Tei in terms of overall greatness, has one hell of a broth that is complex enough to merit its own review.

    I’m going to have to go back and go into detail, but while the noodles themselves are 75% likely to come from the freeze-dried packs, the broth was amazing and the beef perfectly done. I think there was black garlic oil in there, and that deepened it out so damn much it wasn’t even funny.

    FG32 is going to go into “shut up and take my money” mode real soon.

    • I think I saw you there. You wanted super spicy and she wanted no spice at all, right?

      I was ahead of you with the pork miso ramen, above…

      • Yeah, that was us! Big plus for the noodle joint, the cashier said something to the cooks in back, hopefully “leave out the spicy.” She’s OK with a little bit, but most Korean food will kill her. Either due to massive spiciness or garlic (she’s allergic ;_; )

  • FG32 is a treasure.

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    I was there. I had the Pork Bokum over rice from Korea House. It had good flavor and the right amount of spiciness. Thanks again to Google Places and Midtown Lunch for having the event.

  • My Spicy Pork Teppanyaki from O-De-Ppang

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