Bob & Jo’s Spicy Chicken Is Not Hot, But Still Worthwhile

The Bob & Jo Korean Fusion Cuisine truck braved western midtown the other day in the rain, and to show my appreciation for trucks continuing their business in this precarious area, I also braved the rain to check out some of the dishes Donny didn’t get to in his initial visit to Bob & Jo over the summer.

The bibimbap ($8.00) comes with bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, egg ribbons, shiitake mushrooms and chili paste sauce over white rice, and I added bulgogi for $1.00 (obviously). The bibimbap veggies sit atop a bed of shredded lettuce, making it a fairly light dish, despite my addition of beef. And, the rice, which oddly contains a small amount of carrots, peas and corn, comes in a separate container.

Generally speaking, my favorite part of bibimbap is breaking the soft egg yolk and mixing it with the other ingredients. Since this version has shredded egg strips, it deprives the diner of the pleasure of breaking the yolk and doesn’t compare to the bibimbap from Ambrosia, but it is still a decent, light variation.

The chicken rice platter ($9.00) is described as chicken marinated in hot and spicy sauce over a bed of seasoned rice with a side of fresh salad, sliced radish, carrot and kimchi. I don’t know if they left off the hot sauce or what, but this dish is surprisingly NOT spicy for having three red peppers next to it on the menu. That doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely tasty, because the tender dark meat chicken has so much flavor. In fact, I’d order it again right now! But, the dish just does not have any heat to it, so don’t come expecting a dish that will make you sweat.

Bob & Jo should be on Park & 47th today, but you’ll want to check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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