A Vietnamese Food Mystery At Taz

On Monday, I walked by Taz, a generic-looking deli on 45th street, and noticed signs for Vietnamese food. Well, hello! Sure enough, in the back there were offerings of bun, congee and more. Unfortunately for me, I had already acquired my Thanksgiving-inspired lunch, but I was excited for a return trip.

When I returned yesterday workers at the establishment seemed bewildered, because Monday was the first day for the freshly made Vietnamese fare, and yesterday the guy just didn’t show up! I guess only one dude knows the recipes? Obviously, I’ll be checking back next week, but did anyone get a chance to try it out on Monday? To be continued …

Taz, 19 W. 45th St. (btw 5th & 6th Ave.)

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    I work nearby and won’t give them my business. This used to be called Metro Market Cafe (aka 19 Metro Market), a very generic deli that ended up with a C inspection rating. It closed down, changed the signs, freshened up a little bit and reopened under the new name. I went in there a couple days after it opened and the workers were still wearing their 19 Metro Market shirts. Ordered the $6.99 salad with unlimited toppings and made the mistake of thinking that included one protein with the veggies being unlimited like many places. Nope, ended up being an extra $2 for the chicken. My fault for not realizing it earlier but it’s one I won’t make again.

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