Our Favorite Turkey Dishes in Midtown

Blarney Rock Pub
Photo by Donny T

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, all of the ML contributors have turkey on our minds. And of course this wouldn’t be Midtown Lunch if we didn’t try to think outside of the generic deli turkey sandwiches box (hello, Thanksgiving pizza anyone?). So we polled a few of our contributors to recall some of their favorite Midtown turkey dishes.

Donny T is all about Blarney Rock Pub’s turkey sandwich:

Not quite a Thanksgiving dish but my favorite turkey food has to be Blarney Rock Pub’s (33rd btw 6+7th Ave) turkey burger. With a slice of nicely melted American cheese, the turkey patty is surprisingly flavorful. Grab one (and a pint of beer) while waiting for that Bolt Bus or train on your way home for Thanksgiving

Dishes Turkey Sandwich
Photo by Rachel Goldner

Rachel Goldner is a fan of the turkey sandwich from Dishes (45th between Madison and 5th)

If a knockout turkey sandwich is what you’re looking for, I recommend this week’s Thanksgiving special sammie from dishes on 45th between Madison and Fifth. Fresh roasted turkey comes with sage gravy, brie, cranberry pineapple sauce, arugula, harissa aioli on a toasted sesame ciabatta. I especially like this sandwich over others, because you can taste each ingredient: the brie is creamy, the cranberry sauce is sweet and the harissa adds a spice you won’t get from your Thanksgiving table on Thursday. Unfortunately, at $10.50, it’s just over the ML budget, but if you’re looking to splurge, this may be the turkey lunch for you.

Momofuku Turkey Croissant
Photo by Blondie

And Blondie can’t help but get in one more mention for the Thanksgiving Croissant at Momofuku Milk Bar.

Momofuku Milk Bar Thanksgiving Croissant: Quite possibly the best, greasiest Thanksgiving meal mash-up around is the MomoMilkBar Thanksgiving croissant. The turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce stuffed inside a bready rye croissant is a gut-bomb to be sure, but getting a respectable hang-over lunch for under $7 can’t be wrong.

Bouchon Bakery Turkey Sandwich
Photo by Chris H

And finally, Chris H has come to terms with the tasty but pricey sandwich at Bouchon Bakery:

Although Bouchon Bakery’s turkey sandwich isn’t my favorite option from their line-up of pricey but delicious sandwiches, the house of Keller doesn’t compromise when it comes to the often ordinary turkey sandwich. Plain in appearance, this sandwich ($10.95) boasts plenty of tender and smoky turkey, sandwiched with zesty slices of cheddar and a whole wheat pecan roll kissed with just a bit of sweetness.

Of course none of these dishes will quite match up to the delicious home cooked bounty that you hopefully have in store for you this week. So consider these great Midtown lunch turkey dishes as just a bit of encouragement to whet your appetite. And with that, the ML staff wishes everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

The Best Turkey Sandwiches in Midtown (2008)


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