Blarney Rock Pub is My Favorite Lunch Spot (Though, Maybe Not Today?)

Blarney Rock Pub This here, my friends, is my favorite spot for lunch and just in time for St Paddy’s Day! Blarney Rock Pub (33rd btw 6+7th) is a gem, though most people probably wouldn’t think that by just looking from the outside (doesn’t help that Stout is next door and is also an Irish place with it’s dark wood exterior is way more attractive). On any given day you’ll find some real mean looking guys standing outside taking their cigarette breaks. Don’t be afraid of them because once you go through the doors, you’ll be transported to a place that’s casual, relaxing, serves some damn good lunches and has a great happy hour.

Blarney Rock Pub

Yes Blarney Rock is your typical Irish pub and will probably be mobbed for St. Patrick’s Day (make sure you’re wearing green if you plan on going today though). It’s a little divey and it’s a little old timey but the crew working there is nice and friendly. Take a seat in the dining room, order a beer and look through the menu. They offer the typical bar foods (curly fries, mozzarella sticks, sandwiches, and burgers) but it’s usually on their lunch specials menu where you’ll find surprises (like crab cakes over spaghetti, which are delicious btw!) all under $10.

Blarney Rock Pub

On the day that I went (for lunch specials) they had shepherd’s pie, chicken quesadilla, turkey burger with fries and curry chicken with fries. I went with the turkey burger ($7.95) and also got a pint of Stella ($6.50).

Blarney Rock Pub

I’m not an expert on turkey burgers but this one was fantastic. Super flavorful, the cheese melted nicely over the patty and look how big the patty is compared to the bun! The fries were your standard frozen ones but they did fried them real good.

So why is this my favorite lunch spot? The food there is definitely good (they serve a really good tuna melt there), it’s casual, it’s relaxing, the waitress doesn’t give you any attitude, and you can linger there as long as you want. Though of course you have to go back to work but hey at least you’re full (and hopefully drunk as well.)

The + (What somebody who likes this would say)

  • Good place to eat before catching a train, a bus or a show.
  • Different lunch specials everyday, in case you get bored of that turkey burger.
  • Divey bars and restaurants is your thing.

The – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Don’t want to fight through the large crowd of people waiting for the Bolt bus.
  • The whole place is too divey for me.
  • $6.50 for a pint of Stella, no thanks.

Blarney Rock Pub, 137 W. 33rd St. (btw. 6+7th), 212-947-0825


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