The Best Turkey Sandwiches in Midtown

I will admit, I’m not a big fan of turkey sandwiches- or turkey in general for that matter.  In a lot of ways, Midtown Lunch is completely anti-turkey sandwich.  Every day I post lunch recommendations so you don’t have to go to a place like Cafe Metro for a turkey sandwich.  But there will be no turkey hate this week… and while nobody will want to eat turkey for lunch next week, there are probably a lot of people who can’t wait for Thursday to get their turkey on.  So, here are three turkey sandwiches I can wholeheartedly recommend- if you can’t wait for Thanksgiving Day.


The turkey sandwich at City 75 (on 51st btw. 5+6th). $6.45. Every day this otherwise generic Midtown deli roasts a whole turkey (sometimes 2) and carves it up fresh for turkey sandwiches.  There isn’t any stuffing or gravy or cranberry sauce, but it’s still a big notch above Boar’s Head.

The cranberry sauce and stuffing option is after the jump…

The H1 at Lenny's

The H1 at Lenny’s (alternate choice, the G4) $7.50 to $8.  Overall, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Lenny’s.  They make a decent product, and I am all for the addition of cole slaw and russian dressing into any sandwich, but it’s just too expensive for what it is.  That being said, they deserve big points for their H1, a Thanksgiving sandwich served all year long.  Roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.  How can that be bad?  Too close to the big day for you?  I also like their G4, a hot grilled sandwich with turkey, ham, swiss, russian dressing and cole slaw (in the sandwich of course.)

Photo by Robyn Lee, Courtesy of Serious Eats:New York

And finally, the turkey sandwich at Sophie’s Cuban (on Lex btw. 40+41st.) $6.95. Roast turkey with mayo and onions… naturally, it gets outshined by the most excellent cuban sandwich and the fried pork and plantain sandwich- but it is awesome in its own right (and probably the best of the three turkey sandwiches in this post.) While Tina’s Restaurant- the Sophie’s offshoot- doesn’t have the turkey sandwich on their menu, they can make the sandwich for you on Mondays because they offer roast turkey as one of their specials.  They’re working on getting a turkey sandwich on their menu full time.

Got your favorite turkey sandwich?  Post it in the comments.


  • Turkey Reuben @ Carnegie Deli…it’s out of ML price range, but big enough to split 2 or 3 ways.

  • Cosi has a Turkey, stuffing and cranberry option too. I went in to get it a couple weeks ago but decided it was too early to mash those flavors together and went with the meatball instead, mmmm. Since I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving, I will buy one late Wednesday to eat on Thursday while curled up on my sofa feeling sorry for myself and everyone else this economy has screwed into being away from their loved ones.

  • The Cosi sandwich is quite delicious, especially if you get it warmed up.

  • There’s nothing like leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches the next day…. on toasted rye

  • Is the turkey at Lenny’s real, off the bird roast turkey? I am not so sure, you never see the bird carcass or any tell tale signs like blood or turkey ligaments in your sandwich etc.. you just see slabs of white meat floating in water… it’s also very salty…. can anyone confirm?

  • Cosi? Cosi, the epitome of sandwiches filled with ingredients provided by the lowest bidder? Does the turkey somehow suck less than their other meats & fillings? Not believing it.

  • The turkey sandwich from City 75 profiled above is my favorite I-just-feel-like-something-basic-and-close-by sandwich. I’ve had it dozens of times and it’s always good. I’m definitely going to check out that one from Sophie’s though.

  • I had the Lenny’s H1 for Canadian Thanksgiving and it was unmemorable. Pretty sure it wasn’t freshly carved.

  • can you do this on fresh ham? I love fresh ham sandwiches (and by fresh, I mean cut off the bone in front of you, not an actual fresh ham which is really roast pork…)

  • Slightly off-topic but I’ll post here so someone may see it. Check out the last link on the Midtown Links (The “Don’t F with Bloggers” Edition) below. Props to the Z-Man!!! (He’s too modest.)

  • amish market in HK has great roast turkey, ham and sometimes roast beef. Go to sullivan st bakery for bread.

  • Can you do Mac and Cheese…I’ve yet to find any good mac and cheese in midtown.

  • Once upon a time, my colleagues and I used to go to this deli on 6th between 46th and 47th, right next to mcdonalds. We used to ask eachother around lunch time “beast?”, which meant a trip to this deli to get either this beautifully rare fresh roasted whole Roast Beef or succulently fresh Roast Turkey sandwich. Your photos remind me exactly of that restaurant. I may have to check it out this place in hopes for some rare roastbeef as well.

  • I second eatalot’s comment. These days i only get fresh ham from cuccina on 56th as it’s the lunch provider at work.

  • Moze – thanks for putting that I wouldn’t have known!

    Zach you’re a midtown superstar :)

  • This thread made me go out and have a ham & turkey sandwich.

  • Try the fresh turkey at Pranzo (50th between 6th & 7th). For $5.75 you get a huge sandwich on rolls they bake each morning. The key is to wait on the line for the brick oven sandwich and ask for it on a roll, otherwise the brick oven bread sandwich is about $7 or $8.

  • Its a little out of Midtown but the Bono deli on 28th btwn Mad & Lex roasts a fresh turkey everyday & makes a real nice sandwich…I can’t believe you include Lenny’s…not fresh roasted turkey & all their meats are of the boring boars head type..a totally overated lunch spot

  • Fresh Turkey is always juicy and really good at Pergola on 40th Between 5th and 6th. Get there early if you want a sandwich on a great onion baguette. They also have fresh hot sides daily. It’s about $6.00 for an entree and two sides, and a piece of bread. Portions are huge.

    Not a place to sit and eat. More of a takeout place. Perfect for nice weather eating in bryant Park across the street. Its rarely very crowded. Prices CHEAP

    Is Pergola a franchise? I don’t get it. Each Pergola is completely different and seems to be independently run. The one on 39th between 6th and Broadway is awful.

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