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The Gobuki Korean Cart Serves Up Bargain BBQ

Sometimes I wander around in search of lunch, aimlessly, wondering what to eat. I really need some suggestions that y’all want to see here, so feel free to email me or comment on any of the posts I’ve written with recommendations – please! Your contributions are what make this site invaluable!

To that end, on my wanderings recently, I passed the Korean Gobuki Cart a few times before I decided sure, I can do Korean food – for less than $10… from a cart! Sounds like a win already; Korean food/BBQ is notoriously fairly pricy.

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Gobuki Serves Up Korean Sandwiches On 52nd Street

The forums have been abuzz about Gobuki, since they opened three weeks ago on 52nd street at 6th avenue. According to the woman running the show, the cart has a new owner, and it replaces a cart that used to serve Korean noodles (which earned a Midtown Lunch sticker that is still on display in the picture above!). Some thought they replaced Bapcha, but I can confirm that both their carts are still on 49th street, safe and sound (unless it was, in fact, a satellite location).

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