Gobuki Serves Up Korean Sandwiches On 52nd Street

The forums have been abuzz about Gobuki, since they opened three weeks ago on 52nd street at 6th avenue. According to the woman running the show, the cart has a new owner, and it replaces a cart that used to serve Korean noodles (which earned a Midtown Lunch sticker that is still on display in the picture above!). Some thought they replaced Bapcha, but I can confirm that both their carts are still on 49th street, safe and sound (unless it was, in fact, a satellite location).

The bulkoki sandwich ($6.00) seems to be a favorite in the forums, so I went with the kalbi sandwich ($7.00) to be a little different. I ordered the sandwich “medium spicy,” not knowing how hot their sauces were, but it was pretty mild. Extremely flavorful, but mild.

A little mayo covered both halves of the split roll. Atop that were a few whole romaine leaves, then a healthy portion of meat and the not-that-spicy sauce. Nom! The bread was not the best I’ve had, and there was a lot of it. The sandwich was so wide, in fact, that it was a little hard for dainty me (ha!) to get everything all in one big bite. Not a bad problem to have.

The stir fried udon ($7.00) has also been popular in the forums. I ordered mine with spicy chicken (toppings are $2.00 extra). The perfectly chewy noodles were mixed with a few veggies and a light soy-sauce. Delicious.

My golden standard for street meat chicken is the tender dark meat from Kwik Meal, and unfortunately the white and dark meat mix at Gobuki did not measure up. It was dry, an issue compounded by the pasty spicy sauce. Next time I would go with one of the other meats, since both the kalbi and bulgogi appear to be winners. The rice was completely extraneous.

The veggie dumplings ($4.00) aren’t worth your time. You get five greasy dumplings, and they’re on the small side (despite this up-close picture). Don’t bother.

Gobuki Cart, SW corner of 52nd & 6th Ave.


  • If the food’s good and cheap then fine, but I’m a little turned off by this place. Someone who clearly works there started the forum thread and created three more fake accounts to write reviews about it.

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      Rachel Goldner (whoever that is) clearly does not share your fine detective skills.

      I hate to say this, but there seems to be a strain of dishonesty in Korean street vendors.

      (And when I say “I hate to say this,” I mean, “I’m about to say something racist as all hell, and I feel guilty about it, but I really wanted to get a dig in on Korilla.”)

    • Yeah I’m none too thrilled with the cheap fake posts. Very obvious and in poor taste.

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    I hate to say it, but Dan L is clearly a racist…

    • What are you doing on this page? Shouldn’t you be posting in barely intelligible english on the forum page for GOBUKI?

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    Not really. Never having eaten at Gobuki, i have no idea if the food there is good or bad. Photos don’t look too inspiring. But to make a dig at an entire race in 21st century – i hate to say it again, that’s racist!!

  • Id luv to hear DanL’s musings on us jews. Oy!

  • I think your assesment is accurate. The sandwich is a hero full of meat. Meat lovers will like it because it’s bread and meat.

    I also agree about the dumplings. They were pretty terrible.

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