Not Enough Korean Taco Options For You? Meet the Seoul Food Truck

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new player in the Korean taco game. A couple of weeks ago, when I visied Yogi BBQ, I was certain that this would be the end of the Korean taco craze. But lo and behold, commenter “locondcoco” tipped us off to yet another: Seoul Food.

The menu has the typical protein offerings of bulgogi, “sweet and spicy pork”, kalbi short rib, and chicken, with the addition of portabella mushrooms for the vegetarians. You can order these in taco ($3.25 each, 3 for $8.95), burrito ($8.50), bibimbap ($9.95), banh-mi ($8.50), rice platter ($8.50), or slider (pork or bulgogi only, $3.25 each or 2 for $5.95) form. In order to try the most different meats, I once again went with three tacos, one each of kalbi, bulgogi, and pork. I had also seen on Twitter that day that if you said a secret keyword, you’d receive a free order of fries. There are actually a number of ways to score a free side, so freeloaders, take note.

The tacos come wrapped in foil with cute little stickers to indicate which protein is inside. This is great in theory and I appreciated the touch, but one of my beef tacos ended up getting confused the the pork one, so the labels were basically useless in my case.

Three tacos and a side of fries was definitely plenty of food for a full meal. The fries were nice and thick, but could’ve been crispier, although I may have sacrificed some crispiness during the walk back to my office. The tacos come with a generous portion of meat, dressed with kimchi, lettuce, raw onion, and spicy mayo. The bulgogi was sweet, fatty, and tender, just as it should be. It was delicious, but since I’ve been a little bulgogi-ed out lately it wasn’t my favorite of the three. I appreciated the fact that the sweet and spicy pork was actually spicy (and sweet!) and very tender. However, next time, I’d choose one or the other between this and bulgogi as towards the end I was getting a little overwhelmed with all the sweetness.

My favorite of the three was the kalbi. It was a little gristly, but it was pleasantly beefy tasting and not overpowered by the marinade.

If I’m going to be honest, I’m getting a little bit jaded by all of this Korean taco madness, but Seoul Food will definitely satisfy your lunchtime Asian fusion cravings. They have a pretty good variety of menu items, so they’ll probably get another visit or two out of me. If this craze keeps up much longer, we may need to do a Korean Taco Palooza this year to settle on the best Kortaco, once and for all!

Seoul Food appears to be parking on 51st btw. Park and Madison a few days a week, but as always, check the Twitter Tracker before heading out.

Seoul Food, 51st btw. Park + Mad, 212-612-3070


  • They aren’t new. I saw them in the summer at a street fair on 9th avenue. Granted they may be new to the lunch scene in Manhattan.

    Food still looks good though.

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    Actually a former Hoboken truck. Not sure where they are actually based from (where the company is actually incorporated) but they used to be in Hoboken. The city is now threatening to crack down of food trucks with extra fee’s, laws and trackign devices. The city only has a handful of trucks as it is. I would love to see a halal cart in hoboken serving street meat! We already have 50 falaffel places.

  • Do they give small portions too like every other Korean food truck and cart?

    • I just tried Seoul Food, and the answer is YES, they give small portions. The portions are TINY. Seriously, I ate 3 tacos, and all I tasted was tortilla and spicy mayo. What little meat there was turned out to be cold and hard. Crappy ripoff crap in my opinion. One of the worst new trucks in a long time.

  • They give a generous amount of meat. I had 3 tacos and fries. 2 Kalbi tacos and 1 Bulgogi. I did not like the kalbi tacos at all. I thought it was too chewy. The Bulgogi on the hand tasted really good. I will go back just for the Bulgogi.

    The french fries were fresh, but a bit soggy. If the french fries were not free(thanks to secret password) I would not have ordered it.

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