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Checking Out Seoul Food’s Bibimbap From a Truck

I’ve been curious to try the Seoul Food Truck ever since Anna and Donny both tried it earlier this year. I’m surprisingly not tired of the Korean taco phenomenon yet, but when I saw they’re offering bibimbap from a truck, my curiosity really peaked.

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Seoul Food Truck Serves Up Some Great Kimchi

Seoul Food Truck Finding good Korean food in my part of Midtown east is quite difficult. There are more than enough awesome Japanese restaurants to satisfy my Japanese food cravings but once in a while I just want to stink up the office with the smell of kimchi. At the moment, I either walk all the way down to Ktown (to eat at my favorite place, Woorijip) or I rely on the many Korean taco trucks roaming the streets. Being that I’m way too lazy to go to Ktown, I pretty much wait for any Korean taco trucks to come to me.

Most recently I had the Seoul Food truck on my radar because they offer free food and who doesn’t like free food?! Anna gave the food from Seoul Food truck a pretty positive review so I had slightly high hopes for them.

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Not Enough Korean Taco Options For You? Meet the Seoul Food Truck

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new player in the Korean taco game. A couple of weeks ago, when I visied Yogi BBQ, I was certain that this would be the end of the Korean taco craze. But lo and behold, commenter “locondcoco” tipped us off to yet another: Seoul Food.

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