Bob & Jo’s Spicy Chicken Revisited

The Bob & Jo truck has been in Midtown a lot lately. Earlier this week, I found myself happily ordering at their window after unsuccessfully trying to solve the Vietnamese food mystery at Taz. Having enjoyed the chicken rice platter in the past, I went with the chicken baguette sandwich. The chicken was even better than last time, because this time, it WAS hot and spicy, as promised on the menu. The heat was tempered by the condiments in the sandwich. Served in a crispy baguette and topped with sweet and sour radish and carrot kimchi, the sammie was an absolutely delightful lunch.

The chicken baguette will run you $7.00, which is $2.00 less than their chicken rice platter, and the sandwich came with Korean shrimp crackers. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little drippy with delicious spicy sauce oozing from the back of the sandwich. If you don’t mind a little mess, this is a great take on spicy street meat chicken. Hypothetically speaking, would it have been bad form to lick that saucy goodness off my desk?

Bob & Jo was on Vanderbilt btw. 45+46th last Wednesday, but you’ll want to check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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