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Philly-Cheesesteak-Palooza: Finding the Best Steak & Cheese in NYC

I guess the best philly cheesesteak is not in Midtown, if you believe this exhaustive head to head cheesesteak battle royale done by Jason Santa Maria. Wogies Bar & Grill in the West Village came out on top, with 99 Miles to Philly (2nd Ave. & 52nd St.), Carl’s Steaks (3rd btw. 34+35th), Shorty’s (9th Ave. btw. 41+42nd), and Philly Slim’s (9th Ave. btw. 52+53rd) coming in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. Each have outposts in the outer reaches of Midtown but it isn’t entirely clear if he visited the Midtown locations (except in the case of Shorty’s-formerly Tony Luke’s- which only has one NYC location.) Either way he goes on to say that “all three of our top scorers rank on par with some of the best cheesesteaks I’ve had in Philly and I can confidently recommend any of them for a good time.”  [via Serious Eats: New York]

99 Miles to Philly Opening Today in Midtown East

99 Miles to Philly Now Open in Midtown East

A Lunch’er alerted me yesterday to the news that 99 Miles to Philly is opening a new location today on 52nd and Second.  (Though he failed to mention that it’s replacing Zip Burger, which had been closed for rennovations.)  2nd Ave. is out of bounds for most Midtown Lunch’ers, but philly cheese steak fans on the east side should be prety excited hear this news. I’m sure for many of you, it will be worth the extra walk- especially for those who consider it better than Carl’sIt opens at 11:30 today, so Early adopters, let us know how it is. Update: Confirmed Open.

Strip Club Lunch: Getting Crabs and Strip Steak at Rick’s Cabaret

After this post, the PR people from Rick’s Cabaret were bugging me to come try their lunch.  I never accept free food from the places I write about on Midtown Lunch (and wanted to stay married) so I told them thanks, but no thanks for that strip club lunch.  If I wanted a strip club lunch I would pay for it myself! Of course popular ML commenter Mamacita is not under the same restrictions- so I gladly sent her in my place, to check out the “scenery” at Rick’s Cabaret.  I also knew that most of you would much rather picture her at Rick’s than me. Here is her story…


While there may be many tasty delights to be had at Rick’s Cabaret, I was restrained by Zach’s Midtown Lunch $10 price limit so I will not be telling how it feels to get a lap dance at Rick’s. I will also not be telling you about a little something I coined the “Corporate Massage,” which seemed to involve older, bald, fat (no offense Zach) C.E.O’s and perky bodiced ladies rubbing your back and perhaps calling you daddy (Should that excite you). I will also not digress to tell you about the enhanced lovelies in g-strings dancing upon the stage to AC/DC and Aerosmith. Furthermore, I will not mention how this lunch was the first time I’ve seen a stripper dance to R.E.M. and rub her ample buttocks up and down a mirrored wall.

No, we will not sink so low today. After all, this blog is about lunch- right?  (Well, maybe we’ll sink a little.)  Read more »

Expect the Worst From Tad’s Broiled Steaks, and You Won’t be Disappointed

Tad's Steaks

Life is all about expectations. Go into a meal expecting greatness, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably leave disappointed.  Go into a meal expecting to die, and you’ve got a good chance of walking out feeling like a winner. In those special cases, leaving without feeling sick is a pleasant accomplishment in and of itself. And that is how I felt walking into Tad’s Steaks on Thursday. I was scared. Real scared.

I would call Tad’s a fast food steak place, but that doesn’t really do it justice. It is a Midtown institution- if by institution you mean place everyone knows about.  If a restaurant has to be eaten in to qualify, than maybe institution isn’t the proper term.  In fact, while most people have a very strong (negative) opinion about Tad’s, few people have actually eaten there. See, there are three kinds of people who lunch in Midtown:

1. Those who have braved a meal at Tad’s, and come away sick or disgusted (a few people I know.)
2. Those who have braved a meal at Tad’s, and thought it was good enough to return (uh, only one person I know, and he accompanied me on this trip.) 
3. And everyone else.  The haters who have never been, but will not hesitate to tell you how terrible Tad’s must be.

I’ve always been a card carrying member of that last group. I didn’t need to eat at Tad’s to know it was terrible. Whether it’s the already poured glasses of wine, stacked on the counter, covered in saran wrap; or the interior that hasn’t been changed (or probably cleaned) since 1974, Tad’s is not very welcoming.  Even the $7 steak lunch special, which should be selling point enough (for its cheapness), ends up doing the opposite. Why is this so cheap? How can they make a steak so cheap?  You know what?  Scratch that. I don’t want to know.

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Olympic Style Training at the Steak Truck

Steak Truck, Midtown NYC

Craving steak on Friday I realized that you can’t just jump into a lunch at Tad’s Steaks.  Even on a dare.  Eating at Tad’s requires some training.  Like an Olympic Marathon runner, you can’t just start off by running 26 miles.  You’ve got to slowly build up to the big race.  So, I put my lunch at Tad’s on hold, and decided to slowly work my way into it.  (Yes, I am a wuss- but can you blame me?  It’s Tad’s we’re talking about here.) First stop on the training circuit?  The Steak Truck, to try out their steak and cheese sub, that I first noticed in July.   Read more »

Steak Truck Implements Fastest Price Hike Ever

Now this is ridiculous.  On Thursday of last week (that is 3 business days ago for anybody who needs help with the counting) I posted about the sign on “The Steak Truck” (on Park Ave. and 47th) advertising a $4.99 foot long steak and cheese sub.  Yesterday, I walked by again- and the sign had been replaced with this:


Shame on you Steak Truck.  Still haven’t tried it though… and now I’m not sure I want to.  (Yes, I pout.  And yes, I hold grudges.)

A photo of last week’s Steak Truck, after the jump… Read more »

The Steak Truck Busts Out Its Foot Long


It’s been awhile since the monstrosity known as “The Steak Truck” (on Park & 47th) has been mentioned here on the site.  I was not impressed with their burgers, but the steak is not terrible (especially considering it’s under $10 and comes with sides and a drink.)  They seem to have added a few other things, like a fried chicken cutlet sandwich that looked intriguing- but the thing that caught my eye was the sign in the front window.  Foot long philly-cheese-steak-hero $4.99?  Hello!  Could it be that Magdy’s Steak and Cheese cart one block over, may have some competition?

Anybody try this thing yet?  Feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments…

Carl’s Cheesesteak is a Greasy Mess (And I Mean That in the Best Possible Way)

The other day, I was standing in the tiny sandwich shop that is Carl’s Steaks, when I happened to look up at their wall of accolades and spotted the words “grease bomb” in one of the posted articles. With oil gushing out of every bite of the cheesesteak (with whiz) that I was devouring at the time, it was hard to disagree. But unlike health conscious (or squemish) doves, who may find negativity in any kind of “bomb”, when it comes to food, I’m more of a hawk. To me you add the word bomb to any kind of food, and it’s going to be good. Add it to the word “grease” and you’ve got a nuclear weapon of deliciousness.

There has been much talk of “Philly” Cheesesteaks on this site, and Carl’s on 3rd Ave. btw. 34+35th always comes up when the topic is raised. Feisty Foodie mentioned it in March of 2007, when I posted about the steak and cheese at City 75 (51st btw. 5+6th) and two commenters brought it up when I wrote about Magdy’s Philly Cheese Steak Cart 8 months later (Park & 46th). Even one commenter listed it as his 2nd favorite meat in Midtown, on the Shameless Carnivore’s profile. This is no hidden jem (apparently it was named “2007′s Best Sandwich in NYC by AOL City Guide, and is also available at Yankee Stadium), and yet I still hadn’t made the journey to this cheesesteak mecca (probably due to the fact that it was about as far away from my office on 48th & 6th that you could possibly get, and still be in Midtown Lunch’ing boundaries.) That finally changed this past week.

“Grease bomb” porn, in all its glory, after the jump… Read more »

Magdy’s Philly Cheese Steak Cart

Park Ave. is quickly becoming the cart/truck capitol of Midtown.  Between Jiannetto’s, Pranzo, The Steak Truck, three Indian Carts, and a number of chicken and rice carts with long lines, you pretty much have everything you could ever want (if only the 2nd Daisy May’s cart would return). Yesterday, on a recommendation from a Midtown Lunch’er, I headed to Park Ave. to partake in a steak & cheese from a cart.

Now, here is the big disclaimer.  If you have ever been to Philadelphia, and had a philly cheesesteak, then you are aware of what a “real” cheesesteak is.  If you have ever lived in New England, you have disputed the Philadelphia claim to having the best steak & cheese (after all, provolone is far superior cheez whiz, right?).  Maybe you have even been to the Tony Luke’s (now Shorty’s) on 9th Ave., and feel like you have had a decent cheesesteak  here in New York City.  Steak & Cheese from a cart in Midtown is not going to live up to any of those standards.  It costs $4.  It’s from a cart.  That being said, the steak & cheese I had yesterday from Magdy’s on Park & 46th was pretty damn tasty.

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A Bar Menu Loophole Makes Del Frisco’s a Midtown Lunch!

***UPDATE: The price of this deal has gone up to $11.95 since this piece was written*** 

This is not a typo people.  You are not seeing things.  This week I made an amazing discovery, that adds Del Frisco’s (the enormous, upscale and extremely expensive steakhouse in the middle of Midtown Manhattan) to the list of official Midtown Lunches.  THE Del Frisco’s.  If you work in Midtown you have been to or know someone who has eaten, or more than likely work for someone who has eaten, at Del Frisco’s.  All on the company dime, of course… after all, nobody pays for Del Frisco’s themselves!

Until today.  Do not mistake this for a drill.  This is real.  I have discovered a loophole in the Del Frisco’s cortex that may stop the space time continuum.  There is a meal…. at Del Frisco’s… that is delicious… and filling… that involves steak… and it is $9.95.  I am not shitting you!  While reading Andre Mika’s review of Del Frisco’s for dinner on his blog “Fork New York” I noticed this little mention:

I’ve been preaching about the filet tips and mashed potatoes on the bar menu for 2 years now (yes, they are still there for $10)…

That can’t be, right?  $10?  The burger there is $13.95.  How could steak, in any form be less?  But sure enough- I went to this place where Onion Rings cost $12.95, and poor men dare to dream, and there it was.  Right there in plain English.  At the top of the bar menu…

Filet tips w/ Chateau Potatoes.  $9.95.  Meaning that if you ignore the tax & tip (which we clearly will), eating at the Bar of Del Frisco’s is now… a Midtown Lunch!

Steak tip porn, after the jump… Read more »