99 Miles to Philly Opening Today in Midtown East

99 Miles to Philly Now Open in Midtown East

A Lunch’er alerted me yesterday to the news that 99 Miles to Philly is opening a new location today on 52nd and Second.  (Though he failed to mention that it’s replacing Zip Burger, which had been closed for rennovations.)  2nd Ave. is out of bounds for most Midtown Lunch’ers, but philly cheese steak fans on the east side should be prety excited hear this news. I’m sure for many of you, it will be worth the extra walk- especially for those who consider it better than Carl’sIt opens at 11:30 today, so Early adopters, let us know how it is. Update: Confirmed Open.


  • There’s a 99 miles to philly down near 12 st or so on 3rd ave. I went there once, I was not impressed. The cheese-steaks are on the pricy side. I found the meat to be kind of tough, the bread a little stale, and overall flavor was bland. It was disappointing. I can forgive slightly stale bread, but it was the tough meat that really killed it.

  • I second that… I got mine with cheeze whiz and I was left underwhlemed… I was like “What’s all the fuss?” Then I had the same kind from Carl’s last week and was enlightened.

  • While I fully agree that Carl’s reigns supreme over 99 Miles, as well as am saddened that I lost my precious Zip Burger and those wonderful fries, I am still excited for a Cheesesteak spot in Midtown East. Can somebody confirm that it’s open and report back…as soon as I here it’s on…it’s on!!

  • My coworker and I went into that eatery last week and it was awful! The place was covered in sawdust and we could not get any service at all! We ended up eating at Tad’s Steaks, which was great – and my coworker agrees with me

  • It was good, not great. The meat was definitely lacking in quantity. It does remind me of philly–maybe just the bread. Underwhelming, but perhaps my expectations were too high.

  • Sarah Hellerman, did you have a bucket of pigs bloody poured over yoou at the senior prom?

  • Yeah Frank, You go in there, they ask for your name and you think “wow this place has to be good, they put my name on the order, it’s a cheese steak with my name on it, made especially for me! It’s gonna be great!” Then you get it, and it’s like oh…, you check the receipt, sure enough, that’s your name.

  • Just got back from this place. I agree with Frank. Good, not great.

    But it was fast, and there was no line. People started coming up at saying “Wait… no burgers anymore?”

    Worth a try.

  • Was it me or were they rather stingy with the cheeze whiz? That was my take on the one by 12th st… same here??

  • Will 99 Miles charge extra for different buns like Zip Burger did?

  • It was actually better than I expected, but I assume that’s because evertyhing is fresh on the first day. In my opinion, it’s all downhill from here, so act fast, haha.

    Definitely lacking in quantity though…any normal guy could kill two…easy.

  • I prefer the Magdy’s cart to either Carl’s or 99 Miles. And I will definitely miss Zip Burger.

  • For the midtown west peeps…Shorty’s over on 9th Ave/41st also does a good cheesesteak. And they have a great roast pork sandwich w/broccoli rabe.

  • I second Sandra’s vote for Shorty’s (used to be Tony Luke’s). When my brother comes down from Boston, it’s a must visit. I really like the bread, and they aren’t stingy with the wiz.

  • I’ve the tried 99 Miles place near 12th st and absolutely hated it. It was pretty greasy and gave me the worst stomach ache of my life. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • i work a few blocks from this place, but i find it hard to believe there’s much better than carl’s. thanks for the heads up.

  • I’m eating one from there right now as I type, and it’s delicious!!! I like the different options you can get for extras (although, pizza sauce? yeesh!) and I didn’t think it was that pricey, 6.95? Bread is soft, meat is fine, cheese is PERFECTly distributed and melted and yum. I got a side of potato salad to go with it, I’ll let you know how that is!

  • Potato salad wasn’t fantastic… tastes like there’s vinegar in here somewhere… It’s not gross it’s just not my favorite kind; but I am really picky about my potato salad so don’t write it off on my account.

  • Steak was decent, but it took the nutsacs 5 minutes to cook. In Philly, you get it shoved in your face he second you order and pay.

  • First off just ate at 99 Miles despite most of the reviews here and it was awesome. They had Amoroso bread, it was greasy(the way a cheesesteak should be),I don’t know what you people are complaining about. As for the wait, if you feel 5 minutes is a long time then I feel sorry for whoever you have sex with. As for calling a someone working a nutsac, you must have a lovely boss, hope he calls you that all day long. The only place in Philly that hands it to you immediately is Pat’s after you wait 45 minutes in line, and try not ordering properly(i.e steak, whiz, wit) and see if you aren’t told to go to the back of the line. Pat’s and Geno’s do give free peppers though. 99 Miles me and mine will be back.

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