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Steak & Crepes Midtown Schedule: The new cheesesteak cart that I gushed about last week doesn't pop up on the twitter tracker much, but according to a stop by the cart the other day, they will aim for 46th and 6th on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 47th and Park on Fridays.

Your First Look at the Steak & Crepes Cart


I don’t know about you, but Cheesesteaks and Crepes aren’t the most obvious combination to me. In fact, it seems a little weird. To be honest, when Brian reported on the new Steak & Crepes cart hitting midtown a little while back, it seemed a little goofy.Then the cart showed up in front of my office on 46th Street last week and curiosity got the better of me.

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99 Miles to Philly’s Traveling Back to Midtown

After a rather unlucky attempt to bring their cheese steaks to Midtown, 99 Miles to Philly will be opening a new location just a few blocks up from its failed one on 52nd. Eater reported last week that the new location of the East Village joint will be at 300 East 45th Street at Second Avenue and it will open next month. It’s just out of bounds and since Phil’s Steaks and Shorty’s have been roaming the street, does this one stand a chance?  I guess we’ll find out soon enough…

Phil’s Steaks Brings A Taste Of Philly To Midtown

Last month, when cheesesteak truck Phil’s Steaks tweeted that their new head chef, Josh Colon, not only hails from South Philly, but also previously worked the grill at world famous Pat’s King of Steaks, I couldn’t wait for them to serve in Midtown. Having lived in Philly, I know enough about cheesesteaks to have an opinion. I prefer Pat’s over Geno’s, but at the end of the day, Jim’s on South Street is my favorite spot. Steak-wit’-provolone is my standard order, and that’s what I got at Phil’s Steaks.

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Shorty’s Looking to Expand to the East Side: Eater has it that Shorty's, the Philly inspired cheesesteak shop on 9th Ave. btw. 41+42nd, is looking to expand "with a special focus on Murray Hill." This is the spot that used to be an official Tony Luke's franchise, who announced a few months ago that they too are looking at expanding into NYC by next year.

NYC Tony Lukes To Be “100% Company Owned”: Serious Eats: New York gets the answer to the question I posed about Tony Luke's supposed return to NYC: "The chain is looking at a few spots in New York and should be open by 2010. 'Those stores will likely be 100 percent company-owned so we don't run into the creative differences we did at the Tony Luke's-now-Shorty's location.'" Nice! [Serious Eats: New York]

Is Tony Luke’s Returning to New York City?

Shorty's CheesesteakTony Luke’s, the famous Philly based cheesesteak/pork sandwich purveyor, used to have a “location” on 9th Ave. btw. 40+41st- before the franchisee got sick of paying the fees and changed the name to Shorty’s (they still serve practically the same menu.) Well, according to the official Tony Luke’s website there is another location “to be announced” in NYC. It’s not clear whether it will be another “franchise” situation, or if it will the real deal- but either way, may I humbly suggest they return to the Midtown area? Even a half decent Tony Luke’s is probably better than most of the Philly cheesesteak (and roast pork with broccoli rabe!) options we’ve got. [via Serious Eats Comments]

Photo courtesy of Josh Bousel

Philly Native Calls Carl’s Best Cheesesteak in NYC

Grub Street took Philadelphia native and cheesesteak lover Joey Campanaro (Little Owl) on a tour of Manhattan’s cheesesteak purveyors, and when the dust cleared Carl’s Steaks (with a location on 3rd Ave. and 34th St. ) was victorious. More surprising than the Carl’s victory was the fact that Shorty’s came in 5th out of 7 places. Shorty’s, which is located on 9th Ave. btw. 41+42nd used to be an outpost of the famed “Tony Luke’s” in Philly until they got sick of paying the royalties for the name. You would think they would have learned a thing or two about making a cheesesteak in that time (although in fairness, ML commenters have said that their pork sandwiches with broccoli rabe are where it’s at.) Also included in the list, Philly Slim’s (on 9th Ave. and 53rd) and 99 Miles to Philly (52nd & 2nd)

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Philly-Cheesesteak-Palooza: Finding the Best Steak & Cheese in NYC

I guess the best philly cheesesteak is not in Midtown, if you believe this exhaustive head to head cheesesteak battle royale done by Jason Santa Maria. Wogies Bar & Grill in the West Village came out on top, with 99 Miles to Philly (2nd Ave. & 52nd St.), Carl’s Steaks (3rd btw. 34+35th), Shorty’s (9th Ave. btw. 41+42nd), and Philly Slim’s (9th Ave. btw. 52+53rd) coming in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. Each have outposts in the outer reaches of Midtown but it isn’t entirely clear if he visited the Midtown locations (except in the case of Shorty’s-formerly Tony Luke’s- which only has one NYC location.) Either way he goes on to say that “all three of our top scorers rank on par with some of the best cheesesteaks I’ve had in Philly and I can confidently recommend any of them for a good time.”  [via Serious Eats: New York]

99 Miles to Philly Opening Today in Midtown East

99 Miles to Philly Now Open in Midtown East

A Lunch’er alerted me yesterday to the news that 99 Miles to Philly is opening a new location today on 52nd and Second.  (Though he failed to mention that it’s replacing Zip Burger, which had been closed for rennovations.)  2nd Ave. is out of bounds for most Midtown Lunch’ers, but philly cheese steak fans on the east side should be prety excited hear this news. I’m sure for many of you, it will be worth the extra walk- especially for those who consider it better than Carl’sIt opens at 11:30 today, so Early adopters, let us know how it is. Update: Confirmed Open.