Steaks N Crepes Cart Quietly Hit Midtown This Week

While we still await the launch of Carl’s Steak’s food truck, another company quietly hit the streets of Midtown this week. Steaks & Crepes spent the last two months donating food to areas hit hard by Sandy (like many of our other favorite trucks), but now they’re officially open to the public and serving steaks and, uh, crepes. You can view their menu here, but as you’ll see they are going both traditional (using Philly’s famous Amoroso bread) and non-traditional (pizza steak? falafel hoagie??). The crepes, with ingredients like Nutella and S’mores are for dessert. According to their Twitter feed, they were set up on on 52nd and 6th Avenue yesterday. Anybody get to try them out? Put your thoughts in the comments.


  • Pizza steak is actually reasonably traditional. I spent a lot of time in Philly as a kid, and we would often go out for steak sandwiches. We ate a lot of pizza steaks.

  • This is totally unrelated to this cart, but there’s been a huge taco truck on Park between 47th and 48th-ish for the last week or so. Does anyone know what it’s called or has anyone been there? There’s been decent lines. Perhaps a write up in the future?

  • I tried it yesterday. Got the everything steak with combo special because it was only 25 cents more. The cheesesteak was pretty good actually. Nice flavor, the peppers were a little spicy. The bread did get soggy in the 5 minutes that it took me to walk across the street to my building and get to my desk. I think it was because of the tomato sauce, is that a normal cheesesteak ingredient? The fries were decent too but could’ve been cooked for a little longer.

    • My regular cheesesteak wasn’t terribly soggy. Some grease is inevitable . So it might have been the addition of the tomato sauce.
      As mentioned above, a pizza steak is somewhat common. Also, if you’ve ever been or heard of the Rutgers Grease Trucks, often marinara is included in those combos. So I wouldn’t say it’s all that random. However, a typical philly style cheesesteak would be thinnly sliced steak, grilled/fried onions, and cheese (wiz or provolone).

      • Mmmmm Rutgers Grease Trucks. Rutgers alumni here! And yea, those are delicious with marinara. I was just surprised to see it on the cheesesteak since the menu didn’t mention that the everything cheesesteak comes with it. And I didn’t think it was a terrible addition, just a contributing factor to the sogginess.

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    I also got the “everything” steak and it was actually one of the better steaks I’ve had in the city. Phil’s cart downtown was probably No. 1, with Carl’s being a close No. 2, and Shorty’s at No. 3. This is in the conversation:

    • really, carls over shorty’s, that’s just craziness

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        It was better, more of a Philly taste. But I think the bread was stale(ish) the two times I went, maybe that was the difference? And they didn’t put enough Whiz on it. I’ll try them again.

      • Carl’s over Shorty’s. Shorty’s is very good also, but yes. Also, Phil’s is a distant third to both.

        I love having this discussion on every single mention of cheesesteaks in NYC.

  • I went to this cart during my lunch break hoping to satisfy my sweet tooth with one of their crepes, but sadly they only serve crepes at dinner time. I wish I had known this ahead of time…what if you want something sweet during your lunch break/the afternoon?

    • Why didn’t you ask them, that?

    • I did ask. That’s how I knew they only served dessert during dinner time. And they said they only serve the dessert crepes at dinner, that’s just how it was. I may kindly suggest that they think about changing their practices though because they sound delicious but I live on LI so as soon as work ends I’m out of here.

  • It’s on 46th just east of 6th ave today if you want it.

  • Ugh … just got a pizza steak, no onions. They totally had me at ‘Amoroso’s rolls’ and ‘sharp provolone’ but this was a disaster. (1) rolls didn’t seem that fresh, negating Amoroso-ness, (2) meat was dry and bland, (3) cheese was not remotely sharp, nor remotely melted, (4) sauce was tasty but they made the mistake of putting it right on top so most came off on the plastic wrap.

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