Here Comes Another Philly Cheese Steak Truck and it’s Carl’s

Since we’ve reached the saturation point for Korean taco and lobster roll trucks, it only makes sense that another meat-centric dish would be the subject of multiple food vehicles. After Vendy Award winning Phil’s Steaks and Shorty’s debuted earlier this year, we now got word from Luncher and cheesesteak fanatic Dustin that a new cheesesteak truck will be hitting the streets soon. And it’s a mobile version of Carl’s Steaks. No word yet on when or where it will park, but this comes right on the heels of the closing of their downtown location. Follow them on Twitter and stay tuned for more specifics.


  • Does the graffiti above the truck say BARF? If so, not a very good promotional picture.

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    I haven’t tried either truck, but I’ve had delivery from both and Shorty’s absolutely blows Carl’s out of the water. They aren’t even remotely comparable, not even ballpark close. Carl’s ain’t bad, but Shorty’s is on a whole different level.

    Unfortunately I don’t like their pork/broccoli rabe/provolone sandwiches. They’re my favorite actually in Philli, but Shorty’s version is really salty. But they make great cheesesteaks with outstanding rolls.

    • You’re right on several points. Great rolls make the sandwich, and their rabe is salted heavily, thankfully I don’t eat rabe anyway.

    • Interesting. I’ve never had either delivered, only shown up and eaten at each, and while each is good, I prefer the taste at Carl’s – though of course Shorty’s has a decent beer selection, the clientele is…more than a bit irritating.

  • Only amateurs get cheesesteaks delivered

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