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Your First Look at the Steak & Crepes Cart


I don’t know about you, but Cheesesteaks and Crepes aren’t the most obvious combination to me. In fact, it seems a little weird. To be honest, when Brian reported on the new Steak & Crepes cart hitting midtown a little while back, it seemed a little goofy.Then the cart showed up in front of my office on 46th Street last week and curiosity got the better of me.

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Steaks N Crepes Cart Quietly Hit Midtown This Week

While we still await the launch of Carl’s Steak’s food truck, another company quietly hit the streets of Midtown this week. Steaks & Crepes spent the last two months donating food to areas hit hard by Sandy (like many of our other favorite trucks), but now they’re officially open to the public and serving steaks and, uh, crepes. You can view their menu here, but as you’ll see they are going both traditional (using Philly’s famous Amoroso bread) and non-traditional (pizza steak? falafel hoagie??). The crepes, with ingredients like Nutella and S’mores are for dessert. According to their Twitter feed, they were set up on on 52nd and 6th Avenue yesterday. Anybody get to try them out? Put your thoughts in the comments.