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99 Miles to Philly is Full of Greasy Goodness

We’ve covered the arrival (both times) of 99 Miles to Philly’s miniature storefront on 45th St. (at 2nd Ave.), but surprisingly we haven’t yet reviewed their food. Also surprising is that I hadn’t tried one of their cheesesteaks, especially since I work only blocks away. So when my lunch plans fell through recently, I headed over to try them out.

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99 Miles to Philly Tries Again in Midtown

As we reported a few months back, 99 Miles to Philly is bringing their cheese steaks and munchies back to Midtown. Luncher Brad sent us an email alerting us that the new location on East 45th Street (and Second Avenue) is finally open. He sent over the photo of the menu and assured us the sandwich was good enough to eat.  Anybody else been since they re-opened?

99 Miles to Philly’s Traveling Back to Midtown

After a rather unlucky attempt to bring their cheese steaks to Midtown, 99 Miles to Philly will be opening a new location just a few blocks up from its failed one on 52nd. Eater reported last week that the new location of the East Village joint will be at 300 East 45th Street at Second Avenue and it will open next month. It’s just out of bounds and since Phil’s Steaks and Shorty’s have been roaming the street, does this one stand a chance?  I guess we’ll find out soon enough…