NYC Tony Lukes To Be “100% Company Owned”

Serious Eats: New York gets the answer to the question I posed about Tony Luke’s supposed return to NYC: “The chain is looking at a few spots in New York and should be open by 2010. ‘Those stores will likely be 100 percent company-owned so we don’t run into the creative differences we did at the Tony Luke’s-now-Shorty’s location.’” Nice! [Serious Eats: New York]


  • Hallelujah. Wayne can now shove a quality cheesesteak down his gaping maw. Although he probably won’t notice any difference between it and something found in a dumpster outside Shorty’s.

  • Is the dumpster trucked up from Philly ?

    If it’s not, the cheesesteak won’t be “authentic*”

    (*authentic Philly items can be detected by the fragrant taste of ripe ass)

  • Given the polarized opinions on the subject matter, I’m thinking a ML Cheesesteak-A-Palooza should be held to settle the score re: Best Cheesesteak in Midtown (“authentic” Philadelphia style, or otherwise).

    I trust the blind taste test method way more than I trust the year-end voting method (especially since Carl’s won for 2008).

  • @ wayne

    Dumpters from Philly are too good for you. You can stick with the swill at Shorty’s.

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