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Strip Club Lunch: Getting Crabs and Strip Steak at Rick’s Cabaret

After this post, the PR people from Rick’s Cabaret were bugging me to come try their lunch.  I never accept free food from the places I write about on Midtown Lunch (and wanted to stay married) so I told them thanks, but no thanks for that strip club lunch.  If I wanted a strip club lunch I would pay for it myself! Of course popular ML commenter Mamacita is not under the same restrictions- so I gladly sent her in my place, to check out the “scenery” at Rick’s Cabaret.  I also knew that most of you would much rather picture her at Rick’s than me. Here is her story…


While there may be many tasty delights to be had at Rick’s Cabaret, I was restrained by Zach’s Midtown Lunch $10 price limit so I will not be telling how it feels to get a lap dance at Rick’s. I will also not be telling you about a little something I coined the “Corporate Massage,” which seemed to involve older, bald, fat (no offense Zach) C.E.O’s and perky bodiced ladies rubbing your back and perhaps calling you daddy (Should that excite you). I will also not digress to tell you about the enhanced lovelies in g-strings dancing upon the stage to AC/DC and Aerosmith. Furthermore, I will not mention how this lunch was the first time I’ve seen a stripper dance to R.E.M. and rub her ample buttocks up and down a mirrored wall.

No, we will not sink so low today. After all, this blog is about lunch- right?  (Well, maybe we’ll sink a little.)  Read more »

Try Not To Get Too Excited… But Strip Club Lunch Is On the Way

Remember this?  And remember how I said if I wanted to stay married, I would not be able to review this lunch spot?  Well, problem solved!  Popular Midtown Lunch commenter “Mamacita” agreed to go in my place, and just finished lunch’ing at the oh so fabulous Rick’s Cabaret (on 33rd btw. B’way+5th)  Naturally crab cakes and strip steak were both consumed… she forwarded along this first impression… “Let’s just say I haven’t seen that much T&A since high school gym, and these were not ‘little’ girls.”  Nice…. full review coming next week…

Golden Krust Celebrates Jamaican Independence With 99 Cent Patties


Tomorrow is Jamaica’s Independence Day, and Golden Krust  is celebrating by selling their jerk chicken patties for 99 cents the entire month of August. With the Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st & 7th) readily available, I’ve never given GK their full +/-, but with 4 locations in Midtown- maybe it’s time. Thoughts?

4 Locations in Midtown:

  • 33rd btw. Mad+5th
  • 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th
  • 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th
  • Grand Central Terminal Food Court (although this is just a kiosk, so I’m not positive if they are participating in the August promotion)

Can a Strip Club also be a Midtown Lunch?

There are a lot of strip clubs in Midtown, and many of them have food- but I’m guessing most are pretty expensive (like that weird sushi bar/strip club, Flash Dancers, on B’way btw. 52+53rd. You know you’ve noticed the awning!)  That’s what makes the $10 lunch deal at Rick’s Cabaret so amazing!  We could have a Midtown Lunch that doubles as a strip club.  How sweet would that be?

I remember the first time I ate in a strip club. It was when I lived in Boston, and a friend told me he needed to pick up something from his roommate who worked at the Centerfolds in Chinatown. An all you can eat pasta buffet was mentioned, and next thing I knew I was stuffing my face with spaghetti and meatballs in a dark, naked lady filled club.  I obviously have nothing against strip clubs, but there’s something about eating in one that even grosses me out. There’s also something about a free pasta buffet, that trumps all other rules.  Plus- as dirty as it was to eat in a place like that, it probably isn’t the dirtiest all you can buffet I’ve gorged myself at.

I really don’t want my ‘much better than I deserve’ wife to divorce me, so I don’t think I’m going to be checking out the Rick’s Cabaret $10 lunch deal… but I’m sure there are some of you who are willing to “sacrifice” and report back in the comments. Right?