Can a Strip Club also be a Midtown Lunch?

There are a lot of strip clubs in Midtown, and many of them have food- but I’m guessing most are pretty expensive (like that weird sushi bar/strip club, Flash Dancers, on B’way btw. 52+53rd. You know you’ve noticed the awning!)  That’s what makes the $10 lunch deal at Rick’s Cabaret so amazing!  We could have a Midtown Lunch that doubles as a strip club.  How sweet would that be?

I remember the first time I ate in a strip club. It was when I lived in Boston, and a friend told me he needed to pick up something from his roommate who worked at the Centerfolds in Chinatown. An all you can eat pasta buffet was mentioned, and next thing I knew I was stuffing my face with spaghetti and meatballs in a dark, naked lady filled club.  I obviously have nothing against strip clubs, but there’s something about eating in one that even grosses me out. There’s also something about a free pasta buffet, that trumps all other rules.  Plus- as dirty as it was to eat in a place like that, it probably isn’t the dirtiest all you can buffet I’ve gorged myself at.

I really don’t want my ‘much better than I deserve’ wife to divorce me, so I don’t think I’m going to be checking out the Rick’s Cabaret $10 lunch deal… but I’m sure there are some of you who are willing to “sacrifice” and report back in the comments. Right?


  • This is actually pretty funny. Years ago….like 10+ Scores(east) use to have one of the most amazing happy hour buffets with a carving station etc….the food was actually very good. Plus 2 for one drinks….even if they were $10 beers… $40 got you 4 beers roast beef, penne a la vodka and a lapdance.

  • I can’t believe how grossed out I am right now Zach! ha

  • Penne a la vodka and a lapdance? I would SO be there!

  • This is one of the best deals in midtown. It’s a well kept secret-until now. The secret is out. Three courses for $10. Drinks are $7. Great carrot cake and excellent ambiance. Some of the steaks are delicious. I don’t know why your wife would divorce you for eating at a strip club … I’m a girl and I go there with my coworkers and I see other females there. And no, we’re not lesbians. There’s nothing better than great food, good drinks served in front of a beautiful pair of breasts!

  • How do i bring this idea up to my co-workers without getting fired ?

  • Oh dear, this is going to low-brow very fast……..

  • Somebody go review and post “food” porn.

    Also, didn’t Bruni review some strip club a while back and say that the food was pretty good? Which place was it?

  • ha ha, I have gotten that card so many times. One of the clubs in queens actually has the chef’s name on the sign outside. I doubt I could eat at an American strip club. Maybe in another country I could let my guard down.

  • Bruni reviewed Roberts Steak House at the Penthouse Executive Club over a year ago….. It definitely wasn’t a $10 lunch. Probably not a $10 lap dance either.

    Maybe if they combine strip club lunches with the restaurant concept of eating blindfolded in the dark, my wife would let me go.

    Hopefully there isn’t a communal bowl of chips on the bar.

  • tempting… but there is no way i’d be able to get any good pictures of the food…

  • Eat? Hell, I don’t even order a draft beer in these places. Bottle only, and I make sure they open it in front of me.

  • I wonder if my hubby would take me and the hamster to this place….

  • C’mon Zach, go eat there, then post a review as someone else. Wifey will be none the wiser! ;)

    And there’s just something WRONG about sushi in a strip club. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  • I would think their special sauce would be highly suspicious.

  • Not to mention the $39 surf & turf advertised on the sign. That’s too good a deal to munch some rug er I mean turf and god knows where that turf has been…

  • Have had dinner at Robert’s Steakhouse at the Penthouse Executive club. Felt like a real executive while dining there. Actually the food was very good however its very expensive due to the ambiance and scenary while dining priced into the food. Not sure I would eat there again or for that matter any strip club. Like to keep these two vices completely seperate.

  • The catfish is usually the best thing to eat at a strip club.

  • Don’t bother with the surf&turf, they’ll only give you crabs.

  • I’ve been to Rick’s for the lunch special a few times. Believe it or not, the food is actually pretty good. As a matter of fact the boys from work wanted to go back last friday.

  • hmmm nake ladies and lunch, where would you put the hair net….

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