Golden Krust Celebrates Jamaican Independence With 99 Cent Patties


Tomorrow is Jamaica’s Independence Day, and Golden Krust  is celebrating by selling their jerk chicken patties for 99 cents the entire month of August. With the Jamaican Dutchy (on 51st & 7th) readily available, I’ve never given GK their full +/-, but with 4 locations in Midtown- maybe it’s time. Thoughts?

4 Locations in Midtown:

  • 33rd btw. Mad+5th
  • 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th
  • 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th
  • Grand Central Terminal Food Court (although this is just a kiosk, so I’m not positive if they are participating in the August promotion)


  • I like Golden Krust, I’ve only gotten patties from there, so i would be interested ina full +/-, assuming you would review more than just the patties.

  • The Golden Krust is decent for a chain patty place, but there are much better patties out there. Pretty much any place on Fulton St in Brooklyn will have excellent patties, and they are usually cheaper than GK too.

  • I’m getting the collywobbles just looking at the picture.

  • When we lived in Arkansas (on a small but elegant horsefarm — featured in my profile if you are curious) my wife’s hobby of raising cats expanded into a commercial kennel operation that supplied nearly the whole northern Ozark region’s oriental restaurants.

    We had to move to Maryland quite suddenly, sorry to say, and my wife (much younger than me) had to sell the kennel. This was just as she had signed up several of Little Rock’s Jamaican restaurants as customers, so she missed out on a healthy income.

    Not that we are wanting for money. We are decidedly NOT.

  • @ Tom, but I don’t think I could make it to Futon St, Brooklyn and back in a hour…

  • GK is good. For less than 5 bucks you can get a beef patty and hot Coco bread + drink. Def a ML staple if you’re looking for good deals. Just combine the two into a sandwhich and you’re set to go till dinner. The GK on 33rd btwn 5th and Mad is good.

  • my boo loves him some golden krust, and i trust his judgment since he’s not a typical fast foodie. he says the beef patties are pretty solid.

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  • Talk is cheap Wayne, tell us how you furnish your man-cave!

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    I better watch my mouth, lest it get slapped … or violated

  • OMG! The dirties Golden Crust is on Parsons Blvd in Queens. I weht there a couple wks ago and was appalled by the condition. Mi cuss dem out and leeve and 3 ooman fallaw behind mi fram d line. CLEAN UP MAN, belly nuh av bone.

  • I just went and can tell you that the poster is not up at every GK. The one on 8th btw 31 and 32 did not have that poster.

    The one on 8th btw 39th and 40th had it. And it is definitely only the jerk chicken patty that is 99 cents.

  • I think you’ve got Krust as “Kurst” in your headline, there. That might be a sly commentary on the establishment, or perhaps even a Freudian slip.

  • I’m down with Golden Krust. There’s no reason to go to one in midtown when you’ve got the Dutchy right around the corner… but should you ever find yourself in a mall or airport in middle-America, jonesing a jerk chicken patty and coco bread, it’ll definitely get the job done, at a reasonable price (if such things excite you).

  • @southeastmidtowner – I wish I could blame my mispellings on “cleverness” but the truth is, I’m just retarded.

  • They are good and consistent, but you can have better. Better is just a bit harder to find…therefore Golden Krust is always a solid option.

  • Place of last resort. The mini meals are relatively filling and they have a fried chicken special once a week. I have never had a jerk chicken patty, I prefer the curry chicken patty.

  • I’ve considered writing up this place as we have two downtown locations but I thought it was too much like a chain..

    in reality though they have the min meals as DubbininBklyn mentioned, and the fried whiting one is actually quite good, and they used to have it for like 5 bucks with a drink!

  • I love GK! I go to the one on 33rd btwn 5th and Madison all the time. The fried chicken is great and the jerk chicken is good too. I always get a Small combo meal, since one time I ate a whole Medium and got a food coma worse than the Tina fried pork/plaintain sandwich coma. I like the patties too, but you definitely need a gallon of water to drink afterwards. The other day I got some kind of strange looking peanut brittle bar thing there, which was good if you like your peanut brittle with tons of ginger… maybe not my favorite. But I still ate the whole thing. They have lots of interesting looking drinks there too in the 2 fridges.

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