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Gingerbread Houses & the Annual NSFW Holiday Card

Looking to get into the Christmas spirit? City Harvest has teamed up with Le Parker Meridien for their annual Gingerbread House Extravaganza. Some of the cities top bakeries and pastry chefs have created gingerbread structures which are now on display in the lobby of the the Parker Meridien (on 56th btw 6+7th), and you can help fight hunger by voting for your favorite creations—each $1 donated counts as one vote and benefits City Harvest. The gingerbread houses will be on display until January 6th.

Speaking of holiday cheer, Rick’s Cabaret sent over their annual Christmas card and once again it’s not entirely safe for work.  If you’re into such things, we’ve posted it after jump.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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And Now The Holiday Card Everybody’s Been Waiting For (NSFW)

Ever since Mamacita hit up Rick’s Cabaret for their $10 lunch special we’ve been lucky (?) enough to be on their Holiday Cart mailing list… and this year’s doozy arrived yesterday.   Shockingly, it’s kind of dirtier than last year (if that’s even possible.)

Beware, clicking on the jump is decidedly not safe for work…


Rick’s Cabaret Puts the X in X-Mas
Strip Club Lunch: Getting Crabs and Strip Steak at Rick’s Cabaret

Rick’s Cabaret Puts the X in X-Mas

I got a couple of lovely Christmas cards this year, and thought I’d share them.  Like this one from Barros Luco, the Chilean sandwich spot on 52nd btw. 1st+2nd.

Lovely!  But kind of tame compared to the kind of NSFW Christmas card I got from Rick’s Cabaret (on 33rd btw. B’way+5th.)

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Calling BS on Strip Club Lunch

I can’t call this an “airing of grievances” because the person who wrote the comment isn’t really complaining, but the information conveyed calls into question whether the Rick’s Cabaret $10 lunch deal, that Mamacita wrote about a few months ago, can truly be considered a Midtown Lunch:

“I went to Rick’s Cabaret today for lunch around 2:40 (lunch special is over after 3) and had a lovely time. The food came out fast and was quite good, and exceptional considering that a Ceasar Salad, 10 oz steak with fries and a chocolate cake was $10! (Although there is a 1 drink minimum and even a ginger ale is $8 so you’re not really leaving there without throwing down $22)”

I’m going to have to stop you right there.  They force you to buy an $8 drink?  Hmmm… that kind of sucks.  There is no question $10 for all the food they give you is an amazing deal, and clearly they are hoping you’ll drop some money on lap dances and drinks while you’re there.  But forcing you to buy a drink, that automatically jacks up the price way out of the Midtown Lunch price range.  I can ignore tax and tip (and you get extra points for being a strip club) but $8 for a ginger ale?  That goes against everything I believe in… 

In fairness to Rick’s the commenter did have some other nice things to say.

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Strip Club Lunch: Getting Crabs and Strip Steak at Rick’s Cabaret

After this post, the PR people from Rick’s Cabaret were bugging me to come try their lunch.  I never accept free food from the places I write about on Midtown Lunch (and wanted to stay married) so I told them thanks, but no thanks for that strip club lunch.  If I wanted a strip club lunch I would pay for it myself! Of course popular ML commenter Mamacita is not under the same restrictions- so I gladly sent her in my place, to check out the “scenery” at Rick’s Cabaret.  I also knew that most of you would much rather picture her at Rick’s than me. Here is her story…


While there may be many tasty delights to be had at Rick’s Cabaret, I was restrained by Zach’s Midtown Lunch $10 price limit so I will not be telling how it feels to get a lap dance at Rick’s. I will also not be telling you about a little something I coined the “Corporate Massage,” which seemed to involve older, bald, fat (no offense Zach) C.E.O’s and perky bodiced ladies rubbing your back and perhaps calling you daddy (Should that excite you). I will also not digress to tell you about the enhanced lovelies in g-strings dancing upon the stage to AC/DC and Aerosmith. Furthermore, I will not mention how this lunch was the first time I’ve seen a stripper dance to R.E.M. and rub her ample buttocks up and down a mirrored wall.

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Try Not To Get Too Excited… But Strip Club Lunch Is On the Way

Remember this?  And remember how I said if I wanted to stay married, I would not be able to review this lunch spot?  Well, problem solved!  Popular Midtown Lunch commenter “Mamacita” agreed to go in my place, and just finished lunch’ing at the oh so fabulous Rick’s Cabaret (on 33rd btw. B’way+5th)  Naturally crab cakes and strip steak were both consumed… she forwarded along this first impression… “Let’s just say I haven’t seen that much T&A since high school gym, and these were not ‘little’ girls.”  Nice…. full review coming next week…