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Barros Luco Closes Up Shop

Sad news from Grub Street on Friday… Barros Luco, the great Chilean sandwich and hot dog shop on 52nd and 2nd, has closed.  That makes three places in three years for that seemingly cursed location (99 Miles to Philly and Zip Burger closed in 2008 and 2009 respectively)  but this is definitely the saddest.  Where are we going to go now for our chacareros and completos?

Free Empanada Alert

Barros Luco, the just out of bounds Chilean sandwich shop on 52nd and 2nd, celebrated their one year anniversary on Saturday.  And to celebrate they’ll be giving away free empanadas today with any purchase.  You can choose between cheese, ham and cheese, or spinach, and it’s only good while supplies last.  Freeloaders, engage.

Chorrillana Now Available For Lunch!: Chilean food fans should be excited about this one... just found out via the ML Twitter Tracker that Barros Luco's version of Chorrillana (french fries topped with sauteed strips of steak, grilled onions, and scrambled eggs) which was previously only available during dinner, is now available for lunch. We've been waiting for this one for a while!

Barros Luco Brings Steak and Egg Topped French Fry Specialty To NYC

Chorillana from Valparaiso. I wonder what the Barros Luco version looks like.

More great news for Chilean food fans!  Barros Luco (on 52nd and 2nd) has started serving chorillana, a Valparaiso specialty featuring french fries topped with steak, grilled onions, and a fried egg.  Even in Chile it’s meant to be shared, so it’s only fitting that they offer the dish for 2 ($9.89) or for 4 ($14.99). You can also get it as a sandwich, with the fries on the side, for $8.50.  Now all they need is to offer mote con huesillos and Midtown will have everything I asked for back in 2008.  UPDATE: Big time fail.  Barros Luco just contacted us to say that the chorillana is only available for dinner, after 5pm.  Let me be the first to say- THAT BLOWS.

Chilean Lunch: Chorrillana, Completos, Empanadas, & Seafood From My Vacation Last Week

Barros Luco to Hold Chilean Aid Fundraiser

On Saturday,  March 27th Niall’s Pub (218 East 52nd btw. 2+3rd) Barros Luco will be holding a special fundraiser to support aid efforts to nuestro Chile lindo after the country’s devastating 8.8 earthquake. The $30 donation at the door will enter you into a special raffle and the chance to win all sort of prizes donated by area merchants. Food will be provided by Barros Luco and Niall’s Pub will offer drink specials all night. All proceeds got to the Chilean Red Cross.

Help Barros Lucco Help Chile: Carlos, the owner of Barros Luco, checked in over the weekend to let us know that his family and the Chilean families of all his employees are all ok after last week's earthquake. Many are without electricity or water, but for the most part they are safe. If you'd like to help in some way, they've posted a list of organizations you can donate money to on their website.

Barros Luco Will “Grande” Size Your Sandwich for $2


The hits just keep on coming from Barros Luco, the Chilean sandwich spot on 52nd and 2nd.  Last week I tried their new “bigger” sandwiches, and today they announced they’ll make them even bigger!  From the owner:

“Starting today we will give customers a truly Chilean experience by offering the option of making all the sandwiches just the way they make them in Chile, and I mean GRANDE! So for an extra $2.00 you can order any sandwich “Grande” and we will double everything. That means if you order the Chacarero Completo you will get double meat, cheese, string beans, tomato, avocado and banana peppers. This will be such a big sandwich that it will be served on a 9″ plate and for dine-in only.”

Dios mio man.  Also announced yesterday via twitter… a new lunch special. 3 fried empanadas + medium soda for $7.99+tax. For dine-in and take-out only. (Excludes shrimp & cheese empanada.)

Barros Luco’s Larger Sandwiches are a Big Improvement
Barros Luco Is Just What New York’s Chilean Food Fans Have Been Waiting For

Barros Luco’s Larger Sandwiches are a Big Improvement

DSC04734I love Chilean food so much, I was willing to travel out of bounds to 52nd and 2nd for sandwiches at Barros Luco. And even though I loved the food on my first visit, I was a little disappointed by the size of their chacareros (which came in a small styrofoam container.)  Flash forward to three weeks ago, Barros Luco announced that they had made their sandwiches bigger… and even though this was confirmed by a number of Midtown Lunchers in the forums, at the end of last week I had to go check it out for myself. Uh… you know… for work purposes.  It’s a tough job, but it had to be done.

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15% off Online Ordering at Barros Luco: If you've been meaning to try Barros Luco's new and improved larger Chilean sandwiches, you can get 15% off when you order online (for pickup or delivery.) Technically you're supposed to be a member of their free to join "Presidente Group" but just this once I'll give you guys the code (enter BL15 at checkout). Order online here>>

Larger Sandwiches at Barros Luco: Barros Luco, the great Chilean sandwich spot on 52nd just east of 2nd Ave, announced today via Twitter that they have made their sandwiches larger, and have lowered their prices.  Sounds like a win win to me! Will have to check that out...