Barros Luco Brings Steak and Egg Topped French Fry Specialty To NYC

Chorillana from Valparaiso. I wonder what the Barros Luco version looks like.

More great news for Chilean food fans!  Barros Luco (on 52nd and 2nd) has started serving chorillana, a Valparaiso specialty featuring french fries topped with steak, grilled onions, and a fried egg.  Even in Chile it’s meant to be shared, so it’s only fitting that they offer the dish for 2 ($9.89) or for 4 ($14.99). You can also get it as a sandwich, with the fries on the side, for $8.50.  Now all they need is to offer mote con huesillos and Midtown will have everything I asked for back in 2008.  UPDATE: Big time fail.  Barros Luco just contacted us to say that the chorillana is only available for dinner, after 5pm.  Let me be the first to say- THAT BLOWS.

Chilean Lunch: Chorrillana, Completos, Empanadas, & Seafood From My Vacation Last Week


  • seems like a great idea, but those fries look SUPER soggy…crisp them up and id be allll over that.

  • Funny you should mention that… the owner told me their version looks way better than the photo I had taken in Chile. (i.e. the fries aren’t soggy)

  • That looks gross! Like seriously unappetizing! And those onions aren’t nearly grilled enough!

  • the onions look boiled

  • that kinda looks gross.

  • Let’s hold off until we see what the local version looks like. The concept sounds yummy. Fries. Steak. Onions. Egg. mmmmmmm

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    Can they do it with their sweet potato fries!?

  • Some street cart needs to throw something like that into a styrofoam box!

  • Looks awesome and it sucks it’s dinner only.

    Barros Luco has gotten better than when they opened. I really like their food.

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    I am the owner of Barros Luco and I just want to comment on the UPDATE by Zach by letting everyone know we are not offering the Chorillana (and other new items) during lunch because of operational contraints on the kitchen. You have all seen how tiny the kitchen is and adding extra menu items (such as the Chorillana) really complicates things.

    We are offering new items in addition to wine & beer during the evening hours (after 5pm) and weekends.

    I hope everyone understands that we are a new and small restaurant with limitations.

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    I sent my friend there for lunch after we passed by it one evening and he loved it. Too bad I’m on 6th avenue. One day I’ll make the trek.

  • That’s some pretty good looking food, for New Yawk City.

    PS: PLEASE do not hack my account again — I was frickin’ devastated — with the NEW horsie-avatar and everything, you understand.

    I mean I considered falling upon my sword, but then I said to myself, “Fuc* that, DocChuck” — it might HURT!

    Carrion, please.

    • Clarification for DocChuck: (and only DocChuck – everyone else understands this simple concept)

      When an account is changed (including made unavailable) by a moderator/admin of the site in question, it isn’t called hacking. It’s called maintenance.

  • all i want from barros is a warm empanada! i always get them freezing cold in the middle!

  • omg chorrillana!!! Nice move Barros, bringing over Chile’s most beloved bar food. You guys would cry if you knew the monster portion you could get for only a few dollars down there. I hope they include pieces of salchicha, Chilean bars know that 2 forms of meat is better than one.

  • Damn, that sounds great!!
    Add cheese, hot sauce and ketchup on that bad boy and I’m definitely game!

    Maybe Barros Luco can shovel it on top of their bread too? Or just order our own to go and form your own sandwich…

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