Barros Luco Closes Up Shop

Sad news from Grub Street on Friday… Barros Luco, the great Chilean sandwich and hot dog shop on 52nd and 2nd, has closed.  That makes three places in three years for that seemingly cursed location (99 Miles to Philly and Zip Burger closed in 2008 and 2009 respectively)  but this is definitely the saddest.  Where are we going to go now for our chacareros and completos?


  • Chilean sandwich cart needs to happen. Anybody willing?

  • I only ever made it there twice – both times when going to OTB for the Kentucky Derby. Its a terrible location and not readily spotted unless you know where to look. Maybe we will get lucky and they will move to a better spot. Either way, a loss for midtown.

  • wtf??? I thought their business was pretty decent, as there were always at least a few people inside whenever I went (once a week).

  • Ah, christ! I moved nearby about 2 months ago, and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since! Feh!

  • I loved the food and the whole concept. It’s obviously a terrible location because 3 restaurants with good food closed down pretty quickly. It’s too far east for the office lunch crowd, not to mention that it’s tucked back on the sidestreet. I hope they didn’t take a big financial hit- they were very nice people who seemed to enjoy what they did.

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    This is awful news, I really loved this place. Not many things will take care of a hangover like a steak completo.

    Does anyone know of another Chilean sandwich place in the city? I don’t think there’s one in Manhattan, but what about the outer boroughs?

  • I’m sad to hear this. The owner and workers are nice people. The food was great, but the concept and location are tough. It’s sad that it didn’t work out.

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