Barros Luco’s Larger Sandwiches are a Big Improvement

DSC04734I love Chilean food so much, I was willing to travel out of bounds to 52nd and 2nd for sandwiches at Barros Luco. And even though I loved the food on my first visit, I was a little disappointed by the size of their chacareros (which came in a small styrofoam container.)  Flash forward to three weeks ago, Barros Luco announced that they had made their sandwiches bigger… and even though this was confirmed by a number of Midtown Lunchers in the forums, at the end of last week I had to go check it out for myself. Uh… you know… for work purposes.  It’s a tough job, but it had to be done.


The sandwich came wrapped in tin foil, rather than those tiny containers.  Already a good sign.


And looks were not deceiving… the sandwich is definitely bigger.  It’s still not as big as the sandwich I had in Chile, but it’s big enough.  And a huge improvement over the old sandwich.  As for the taste… still good (provided you like avocado and string beans on your steak sandwich… and lord knows I do!)


Barros Luco Is Just What New York’s Chilean Food Fans Have Been Waiting For


  • The shame I feel for not having made it to Barros Luco yet is multiplied by the photos of this amazing looking sandwish (typo… but I like that I’m sticking to it) Before I trek from 35th and 5th, though, does anyone have any experience with requesting substitutions there? Because the Boston style veggie chacarero that I crave has roasted red peppers on it, and also I hate hearts of palm (bleck)

  • had em again today…I have to day that their bread is getting better and better…toasted/blackened to perfection–not to hard, not to soft, with a nice aroma and texture. I repeat: these buns are the tits!

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