Barros Luco is Bringing Chilean Sandwiches to Midtown East

August is shaping up to be “Crazy New Chains” month.  After weeks of being all carts all the time, it looks like  Midtown has switched gears.  Last week it was the piada, and yesterday we heard about the middle eastern Chipotle, and the kolache.  But out of all of those, I think I’m most excited for this latest one… Barros Lucco: a new, Chilean quick service lunch spot taking over the old 99 Miles to Philly location on 52nd and 2nd.  That particular out of bounds location seems a tad bit cursed, since it has seen burgers, and philly cheesesteaks fail in succession.  But these are Chilean sandwiches!  Something you can’t get anywhere else in Midtown.

The menu will not only feature Chilean sandwiches, like the churrasco, and chacarero, but also the completo- a Chilean hot dog topped with mayo and mashed avocado.  The owner was born in Chile, and the Barros Luco website links to two posts I wrote about an actual Chilean completo and churrasco, so I have high hopes that this place will be bringing the real deal to Midtown. Want to see what they are supposed to look like?  Check it out after the jump.

Un Completo, Valparaiso
Completo from Valparaiso, Chile

Churrasco Completo
Churrasco Completo, Patagonia. Read about this Sandwich on Serious Eats.

They hope to open by the end of the September, and everything will be under $10. You can check out the menu here.

Chilean Lunch: Chorrillana, Completos, Empanadas, & Seafood From My Vacation Last Week


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