Piada is Bringing Their “Authentic Italian Sandwich” to Midtown


Thanks to Lunch’er Joe for sending along this email:

“The Eastern boundaries of the mid 50s is heating up ML style. We recently got the Chinese sandwiches of Mantao, and will be getting a Kushi-Q in the Citicorp buidling — now we are getting Italian sandwiches as well. Another storefront just got a coming soon sign and it looks real promising for the Midtown Lunch crowd: I present to you, Piada. The sign is on the window outside the subway entrance at 53rd and Lex, before you walk into the Citicorp building. It’s going to be where Starwich used to be.”

I don’t know about this one Joe…

When you said Italian sandwiches, I was picturing a fat hero situation stuffed with multiple kinds of a meat, and topped with olive oil and vinegar. These… uh… don’t look like that. It kind of reminds me of that Sugo e Basilico place, which I admittedly liked, but was a complete failure. Anybody been to the East Village location? What’s this place all about? Let us know in the comments. I’ll try anything once! (Except for a Walgreens sandwich…)

Sugo! e Basilico… the Best Burrito in Midtown???


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    I kind of love the fact that their sandwiches are named after Fellini movies.

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    I used to live across the street from these guys in LES. I liked the piada that was called Cassanova: prosciutto, stracchino cheese and arugula- really delicious. Also their coffee is very good.

  • The pic on their website looks like one of those flatbread abominations you get at a coffee shop.

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    This type of sandwich is not really seen much in the US, but I assure you that the concept is authentic (haven’t been to the store to determine their quality).

    The piadina is an Italian wrap sandwich and is from the Emilia-Romagna region (NE Italy surrounding Bologna) – though is a popular lunch food all over the northeast. Typically very simple with some fresh cured ham (prosciutto di Parma or prosciutto di Montangna), some salad, cheese and a little oil. Basically anything that can fit in a wrap is fair game, though.

    I work in that region of Italy frequently and became addicted to those things for lunch. You really can’t find them in the central or southern parts of Italy – truly regional.

    That said – I somehow doubt the store on Lex is that authentic – but we could be surprised and it could be a nice treat.

    BTW – those overstuffed “Italian” heros we typically have here can’t be found anywhere in Italy…

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