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50% Off Piada Sandwiches: If you've been meaning to find a reason to try Piada's quesadilla-like Italian sandwiches, but haven't gotten around to it yet, today's InBundles deal may be for you. They're offering $7 for $14 Worth of Food and Drinks at Piada's Midtown location in the Citigroup Center on 53rd & Lex.

Half off Piada’s Italian Flatbreads


It’s been awhile since we mentioned Piada, the Italian quesadilla flatbread spot in the basement of the Citycorp Building (on 53rd and Lex.)  If you’re a fan, or have been wanting to check it out InBundles can get you a $12 certificate to the place for just $6.

Is Piada Just a Fancy Italian Word for Quesadilla?

Is Piada Just a Fancy Italian Word for Quesadilla?


Last week Piada NYC opened in the basement of the Citycorp building (on 53rd and Lex), becoming the latest place to bring some sort of strange, yuppiefied version of supposedly ethnic food stuffs to Midtown.  Following in the footsteps of Kolache Mama (Czech pastries by way of Texas), Kushi Q (yakitori), and Danku (Dutch croquettes), Piada’s menu is all about the authentic “Italian flatbread sandwich” (?)  There is already a location on the LES, so some of you might have already partaken in the joy of the piada.  For me, Friday in the Citycorp building was a first (a Piada virgin if you will.)

Check out what we ordered, after the jump…

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Piada is Now Open; Lunch’er Calls it “Too Authentic”

Have gotten multiple reports this morning that the Midtown location of Piada, the Italian flat bread sandwich chain, is now open.  You may be familiar with their Lower East Side location (I’m not); their Midtown branch is in the basement of the Citicorp Building on 53rd and Lex.

Update… a good friend of mine checked it out yesterday, and her report is after the jump.

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Piada is Bringing Their “Authentic Italian Sandwich” to Midtown


Thanks to Lunch’er Joe for sending along this email:

“The Eastern boundaries of the mid 50s is heating up ML style. We recently got the Chinese sandwiches of Mantao, and will be getting a Kushi-Q in the Citicorp buidling — now we are getting Italian sandwiches as well. Another storefront just got a coming soon sign and it looks real promising for the Midtown Lunch crowd: I present to you, Piada. The sign is on the window outside the subway entrance at 53rd and Lex, before you walk into the Citicorp building. It’s going to be where Starwich used to be.”

I don’t know about this one Joe…

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