Half off Piada’s Italian Flatbreads


It’s been awhile since we mentioned Piada, the Italian quesadilla flatbread spot in the basement of the Citycorp Building (on 53rd and Lex.)  If you’re a fan, or have been wanting to check it out InBundles can get you a $12 certificate to the place for just $6.

Is Piada Just a Fancy Italian Word for Quesadilla?


  • Yeah, if you didn’t strike-through quesadilla I’d certainly call this a tortilla based sandwich.

  • This picture makes me very, very sad. Like something I’d put together when I’m too lazy to buy new groceries. Also, “Citicorp.” C’mon, now.

  • the bread doesn’t taste like a tortilla at all and not all of the sandwiches have cheese…so no, I wouldn’t say it’s a quesadilla. Other than that, they can be a good lunch choice–reasonably healthy, but could use more flavor in my opinion. It’s generally not cheap, but for $12, you can get a good sized meal out of that place.

  • I agree with Steveroller. What a sad excuse for a restaurant item. Who would go out of their way to pay for something so thin and unimaginative?

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