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Mantao’s Chinese Sandwiches And Busan Close

Sad news from Lunch’er “Rose” yesterday… Mantao, the Chinese sandwich shop that moved from Tribeca to Midtown East back in July of 2009 has closed. Their website is still up, but they haven’t twittered since February and their phone is disconnected. But that’s not the only news from 52nd btw. 2+3rd… Busan, the fancy pants Korean spot that was mentioned in the forums once, has also closed. Hopefully something good will replace both spots soon.

Choice Eats Gives Midtown the Cold Shoulder Once Again


It’s a familiar story at this point: Another year, another Choice Eats that sadly neglects the restaurants of midtown. This was my first year attending and I was honestly surprised at how few Midtown offerings there were. In past years, Margon flew the flag for the underrepresented, but this year, the only restaurant to fall within Midtown Lunch boundaries was Toloache, with just out of bounds Xie Xie and Mantou Chinese Sandwiches rounding out the Midtown selections.

It was disappointing from a Midtown Lunch’ing standpoint, but there was plenty of other deliciousness to stuff my face with. After the jump, some of my favorites.

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Half Off Mantou Chinese Sandwiches: Today's Groupon is a good one... for $7 you can get a $15 gift certificate to Mantao Chinese Sandwiches (on 52nd btw. 2+3rd). You have until Sunday night to purchase the coupon, and it is good until September.

Mantao Reopens w/ New Soup Deal: via Twitter: Mantao Chinese Sandwiches has reopened and is now doing a soup/sandwich/shrimp crackers lunch special for $9.95. Also on the ML Twitter Tracker: Schnitzel & Things is on 52nd and Street Sweets is on 50th.

Twitter is the Latest Tool in DOH Cover Ups

Restaurants have all sorts of creative ways to cover up the big yellow sticker that lets people know their establishment has been closed by the DOH. But using Twitter to preemptively alert your customers that you will be “closing for the holidays” is a new one. Yesterday, we thought that maybe Mantao Chinese Sandwiches (which announced they will be closed through the weekend) got their Thanksgiving dates mixed up. Nope!  According to Lunch’er “ceh” they were closed by the DOH. Mantao has since deleted the tweet, but you can still see it on the ML Twitter Tracker. So much for the “Chinese Thanksgiving” theory

This morning a Mantao employee answered the phone and said that their boiler is broken and they are waiting for the landlord to fix it.  According to her it could happen this morning, in which case they’d be open for lunch today (although I’d call ahead.)

Late Lunch Mantao Special: Today through Friday you can get 20% off your order at Mantao Chinese Sandwiches just by saying the code word "Ramones" from 3pm to 6pm. I can't wait that long for lunch, but a mantao would make an excellent late afternoon snack. Might as well save a buck...

Navigating Mantao Chinese Sandwiches, the Midtown Lunch Way


It’s been exactly a month since Mantao Chinese Sandwiches opened up on 53rd btw. 2+3rd.  I never got a chance to go to Province Chinese Canteen, its original Tribeca incarnation, but I had always heard good enough things that their move to Midtown got me pretty excited.  Plus, I like Chinese food… and I like sandwiches.  What could possibly be bad about this place?

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Free Shrimp Chips Alert: Even though they've been open for nearly two weeks, Mantao Chinese Sandwiches' official grand opening is apparently today... and to celebrate they're giving away free shrimp chips with every order.  They also have free delivery now all the way to 7th Ave. (btw. 40th and 70th streets.)  235 East 53rd Street (btw. 2+3rd), 212-888-2490; website

Your First Look at Mantao Chinese Sandwiches

Mantao Sandwiches “Official” Opening is Today

It looks like Friday was a just a test run with a limited menu at the new Mantao Chinese Sandwiches (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd).  Today is their “Official Soft Opening” (which I’m guessing is code for “don’t blame us if everything isn’t perfect”.)  It opens at 11:30am and, you didn’t hear this from  me but, if you mention the super secret password “Ramones” you get 20% your order today only.  (Although technically I think that is for mailing list people only, so if you plan on using it be a sport and sign up for their mailing list.) Oh, and they’re also on twitter (natch.)

Mantao Chinese Sandwiches Coming to Midtown