Mantou Chinese Sandwiches Is Now Open

Got this message in the old ML Inbox this morning from Lunch’er Mark:

“A sign in the window of Mantou (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd) says they will be open “the week of July 13″. The menu is intriguing–a combo box is $9.95 and comes with choice of two sandwiches, green salad and shrimp chips. The sandwiches must be small because they offer two in a combo and a la carte prices range from $2.95 to $4.95. Sandwich choices include pork bun, short rib with kimchi, spicy pork, mackerel, chicken meatball with chinese bbq sauce and angus beef with spicy sambal. Also, they offer kimchi as a side order.”

But when he walked by at lunchtime they were already serving food…

Surprising development. I went to Mantao after I picked up my lunch this afternoon to take a picture of the sign and it turns out they’re open! there were about 12-15 people mulling around waiting for their food, so I’m thinking Mantao is having some service issues today. But I’ll be sure to get there early on Monday.

Awesome news… early adopters- let us know how it is.

Mantou Chinese Sandwiches Coming to Midtown


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