Mantao Sandwiches “Official” Opening is Today

It looks like Friday was a just a test run with a limited menu at the new Mantao Chinese Sandwiches (on 53rd btw. 2+3rd).  Today is their “Official Soft Opening” (which I’m guessing is code for “don’t blame us if everything isn’t perfect”.)  It opens at 11:30am and, you didn’t hear this from  me but, if you mention the super secret password “Ramones” you get 20% your order today only.  (Although technically I think that is for mailing list people only, so if you plan on using it be a sport and sign up for their mailing list.) Oh, and they’re also on twitter (natch.)

Mantao Chinese Sandwiches Coming to Midtown


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    Your spelling isn’t matching up with that logo, which is right?

  • @dubs – Oh wow… you’re right. The sandwiches are spelled “mantou” so I guys I thought that was spelling. Good catch. It’s fixed (on this post).

  • Any idea how big the sandwiches are ?

  • Is that “golden arches” in their logo? Seems like I have seen those…..somewhere…..before.

  • They are the golden “arcs”

  • Like at McDowell’s?

    I’m lovin’ it

  • The twin yellow tits of freedom.


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    just had my two sandwiches… short rib + kimchi and the original pork bun…

    the short rib + kimchi is good… but it tastes exactly how you would expect. Just imagine boolgogi + kimchi on a bun.. and that’s what you get… good.. but the meat is actually a little less marinated than what I would have liked.. and kimchi is fine… not as spicy as i would like, but fine..

    The original pork bun is good… but I can’t help compare it to momofuku’s.. and I like momofuku’s a lot more.. but despite that.. it’s still good.. and two sandwiches are a pretty good for lunch.. but at 10$ for the combo.. not sure if I’ll be going back every week..

  • size wise how big at the sandwiches ?

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    in terms of diameter.. i would say something close to an english muffin… filling-wise.. not too much.. not TOO skimpy.. but they definitely could have added a little more (i might have just gotten unlucky).. there were bites in the short-rib kimchi.. where i just tasted the bun…… i just ate two.. and it was decent (in terms of filling me up)… but w/o the side salad and chips.. i think some might find it maybe not as filling as they’d like…

  • Just had the same two sandwiches as sushiburger, and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. Both my original pork bun and short rib sandwich were 50% fat (and not the delicious melty pork belly fat, the tough chewy fat) and the meat/bun ratio is way off.
    To top it off, the “salad” was literally three bites, two cherry tomatoes and maybe 12 pieces of mixed greens.
    I understand it’s their first day and all, but after 10 bucks and a 20 minute wait for food, I was contemplating just heading down to sophie’s,which is where I’ll be tomorrow.
    and sushiburger, comparing the pork sandwich to Momofuku (so fucking good) is like comparing the Spotted Pig’s burger to Goodburger…

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    hahah yeah.. momofuku’s is exponentially better…

    I actually didn’t get that much fat in my pork.. maybe i just got lucky?? and basically none in my short rib… i think i just got lucky..

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    I just had my two Mantao sandwiches and I loved them! I ordered the spicy pork and the short rib and found them both to be very tasty (and far from fatty). The portions were perfect for me…I was pretty full. I also really enjoyed the bag of shrimp chips!! I was very satisfied with my lunch experience and definitely plan to make it one of my regular lunch places.

  • sandwichnyc it’s pretty clear where in midtown you work.

  • Shilliamsburg ?

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    That’s a horrible shill… could’ve came up with a better name than sandwichnyc

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    I don’t think the combo is worthwhile unless you’re ordering two of the $4.50 sandwiches (in which case you might as well get the combo instead of paying $9 just for the sandwiches). My salad had some slimy greens, and the dressing is just oil. The shrimp chips were OK. I had the same problem some have mentioned with fat in my original pork sandwich, although this fat was more like the pork belly kind. Still, I momentarily mistook it for tofu because it was a solid white cube of fat.

    All that said, the sandwiches were tasty (I think the buns might be superior to Momofuku’s, even if the fillings are far inferior) and the service was friendly. Not worth the 15 min. wait, but if you are in the neighborhood and don’t see a line out the door, I’d recommend giving it a try.

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    I had the combo which was weak after a 15-minute wait. Everything was too sweet, from the ginger dressing for my salad to the marinade for my pork belly sandwich. Proteins were also tough, my burger was cooked to well and somehow they screwed up normally tender pork belly. Shrimp chips were also stale-tasting, but the buns themselves were great! I’m thinking this might be a case of opening day jitters — hopefully will clear up when I try them again in a few weeks.

  • went yesterday and got to cut the line because everyone was too busying staring at the menu. I got the combo with short rib and spicy pork. meh. the meat was too chewy and cut too big for a loose meat sandwich. on my first bite of the pork, i couldn’t even get my teeth through it so i ended up taking having to take in an entire sinewy, business card sized slice of pork. not fun.

    my friend thought his angus was good but it looked a little dry to me. shrimp chips don’t pop on your tongue like a good shrimp chip should but the flavor was spot on. dressing had a touch too much onion in it for my taste but was delicious.

    going to try the original pork bun today if possible.

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    found the food and service very disappointing. the cashier messed up my order and instead of ‘fessing up – she claimed i lied. definitely not going back.

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