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Serious Eats Finds the Real Pizzacones Just South of Midtown

I know we have a few Midtown Lunchers stuck outside the official boundaries in that no man’s land between Midtown and Chelsea in the high 20s low 30s between 8th and 10th Ave.  Lunch’er Jamie (who now runs our Philly site) used to work over there… and thankfully so do the folks over at Serious Eats!  They just posted about the amazingly delicious looking, and surprisingly ML friendly Ovest Pizzoteca (on 27th btw. 10+11th) which not only has some delicious looking under $10 pizzas and lunch specials, but also their own version of the pizzacone (and it looks far better than this!)  You didn’t think we’d go the whole day without a single pizzacone mention, did you?

Your First Look at Mantao Chinese Sandwiches

And Now For Something Different: A Potato Pancake Sandwich

The ”Serious Sandwich” that I wrote about this week on Serious Eats happens to come from Midtown- “The Something Different” at Junior’s.  Yes it is rediculously expensive.  Yes, the place is a tourist trap.  No, I would never go there for a ”Midtown Lunch”.  But damn, did it taste good.   Check it out…

Serious Sandwiches: Junior’s Latke Sandwich