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Junior's Opens in Grand Central Market

Junior's in the Market

File this under “we weren’t paying attention” but at some point in the last couple of weeks, Junior’s opened in the former Murray’s Salami section of the Grand Central Market. I knew they were taking over, just wasn’t sure on the date- but as of last Thursday, they were up and running. They’re selling pretty much the same stuff as their stand downstairs in the food court, like slices of cheesecake- which I would have taken a closer photo had anyone distracted the eager workers with an order. Alas that didn’t happen and the Corrado ladies were eyeing me. Wonder what they think about the encroachment on their dessert territory?  Don’t worry Corrado ladies… I’ll probably stick with your fancy desserts.

Junior’s New Cupcakes Are Surprisingly Good

Junior's Cupcakes

The two Midtown locations of Junior’s have decided to shake up their quietly reliable existences by recently adding cupcakes to the menu (apparently getting you fat off their cheesecake was not enough!) The five different flavors-chocolate/chocolate, chocolate with cream center, red velvet, peanut butter cup, and vanilla/vanilla-in honor of their 60th Anniversary, are all just under $4, and available in the Grand Central Terminal and on 44th btw. B’way+8th. I hit up the Grand Central locale when four of the five were available, decided on the Reese’s Peanut Butter one ($3.95) and found the cake quite enjoyable.  It was fresh and moist, but a bit sweet on the frosting (then again, what brand-name bakery doesn’t add too much sugar?!) For the GCT cupcake loving commuters Junior’s might actually be more worthy of your money than the other cupcake places… although we still don’t quite understand why they’re not doing a cheesecake cupcake!

WTF Junior’s? Where’s Our Free Cheesecake: Apparently tomorrow Junior's will be giving free cheesecake with every lunch and dinner order, or slices of cheesecake ala carte for just 60 cents... at the BROOKLYN location.  What?  No love for Midtown? What a bunch of BS. [NYDN via Grub Street]

And Now For Something Different: A Potato Pancake Sandwich

The ”Serious Sandwich” that I wrote about this week on Serious Eats happens to come from Midtown- “The Something Different” at Junior’s.  Yes it is rediculously expensive.  Yes, the place is a tourist trap.  No, I would never go there for a ”Midtown Lunch”.  But damn, did it taste good.   Check it out…

Serious Sandwiches: Junior’s Latke Sandwich