Junior's Opens in Grand Central Market

Junior's in the Market

File this under “we weren’t paying attention” but at some point in the last couple of weeks, Junior’s opened in the former Murray’s Salami section of the Grand Central Market. I knew they were taking over, just wasn’t sure on the date- but as of last Thursday, they were up and running. They’re selling pretty much the same stuff as their stand downstairs in the food court, like slices of cheesecake- which I would have taken a closer photo had anyone distracted the eager workers with an order. Alas that didn’t happen and the Corrado ladies were eyeing me. Wonder what they think about the encroachment on their dessert territory?  Don’t worry Corrado ladies… I’ll probably stick with your fancy desserts.


  • So many small, independantly-run businesses in NYC and they fill this spot with generic Juniors. There are already 2 other locations in GC alone! I work on Vanderbuilt and regularly visit GCM so this was just a disappointment.

  • Does the cheesecake smell like salami?

  • I missed the news item of it closed – ah, brings back memories of the creation of the MTL “magical animal” lunch pack

  • Junior’s has been there for months, not weeks, in the Grand Central Market. I went there back in April and had a chicken salad sandwich that was delicious, as usual.

    • Negative. You went to one of the other Junior’s in GCT, which have been around for years. Back in April, Murray’s Salami was still in that spot.

  • A mate wanted cheesecake last night and we actually walked all the way there from K-Town. Delicious rat infested Strawberry goodness, lol.

  • I mentioned this new opening in your prior Junior’s post about the cupcakes last month. LOL. Oh well.

  • Now if only this was here when P.Diddy sent the Band to walk to get one, this would have been a great shortcut

  • I’ve been playing too much left 4 dead. I thought the top shelf was on fire.

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