Your First Look at Mantao Chinese Sandwiches


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    Went today with two coworkers. Got the spicy pork buns, the curry chicken pancake, pork and shrimp dumplings, and three milk teas.

    At least ten people in front of us got their order first. When we finally asked the cashier about why our order was taking so long, she replied with, “It’s because you have a lot of food in your order.” I thought that made sense, but my coworker disagreed.

    Back to the food. After we finally got our order, my coworker and I both ate a dumpling. Our initial thought was that it was refreshing to be able to taste the texture of real shrimp in the dumpling. Meanwhile, the third coworker only took one bite and realized, the pork was completely raw. We cut open the remaining three dumplings, all raw.

    When we went back to tell them about the dumplings, the cashier just took it from my hand and sent it to the kitchen and handled other customers. Someone who I guess is the owner comes out in about 5 minutes and apologizes. She asked me how I felt and I told her that I wasn’t feeling too great since I just ingested raw pork. She also asked me why I ate it if it was raw and I then replied that had I known it was raw, I wouldn’t have ingested it. She gave me her card and told me to call her if my friend and I are feeling sick tomorrow.

    I asked her if we can get our money back and she gives me the 6 bucks we paid for the dumplings.

    I know new restaurants have their kinks to work out in the beginning, but to me, serving raw pork is unacceptable.

    Let’s just say I will not be going back there and if you do go and order dumplings, make sure you check if it’s cooked!

  • These days it’s probably safer to eat raw pork than raw chicken. Not saying I’d go and eat pork tartare, but being forced to eat pork tartare or chicken tartare, I’d take my chances with the pork :)

  • We should put Pork Tartare in front of Adam, and a Walgreen’s sandwich in front of Zach and see who can finish first…

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    a lot of people seem to like the bun… and i really dont like it that much at all….

  • I like big buns and I can not lie

  • All you otha broths can’t deny…

    Am I the only one who sometimes eats what she’s cooked and doesn’t look at it and realizes much later it’s kind of raw and you shouldn’t eat raw pork or chicken???

  • *brothas… not broths, sorry

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    The buns look identical to the ones that were served at a place downtown near Chambers that closed down about a year ago. Damn, what was the name of that place?! It was a terrific place and I hope it’s the same owners finally gettin’ the love they deserve in a better location.

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    @ Sooj: Alternatively, “pork raw”.

    What size/color shoes were your co-workers wearing?

  • My anaconda don’t want none if Yvo and Mama ain’t got buns, Hun

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    A little far from where I am, 50th and 6th. Well worth the hike over. Food is good, the short rib and kimchi is excellent. The combo box is a deal for the amount of food.

  • I went today and I have to say it was pretty good. Two sandwiches (one spicy pork, one short rib) were almost too much food for me. (Please note I said “almost.”) I agree they were missing that something special to push them into fantastic territory but I’d definitely eat there again.

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