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Margon Closed For “Emergency Repairs”


Sad Margon news from Lunch’er Ed today:

My coworker and I wanted some oxtail on Thursday from Margon. I had just been there the week before and got my fried chicken morsels on. So this past Thursday, we go there braving the rain (non-Irene related) and they had a sign on the door that said they were closed because of a power outage. What was weird to me was that they had newspapers covering all the windows as if they were renovating the inside. We thought no worries, we’ll just try again tomorrow. We settled for El Rey Del Sabor on 43rd. We go back Friday, and again it is closed. Not Happy. This time we settled on Sophie’s on 45th which was a decent substitute. So figuring, they are bleeding money, they HAVE to be open Monday.

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Pranzo is Dunzo

Pranzo DOH

The oft beleaguered generic deli, Pranzo (on 50th btw. 6+7th) has been in a perpetual state of flux for as long as the DOH started serious cracking down on sanitation standards. Last year, we noted that they had been temporarily shut down by the DOH, and I walked by this week and noticed that they’ve been shut down for good after racking up 90 violation points.

We generally don’t like to celebrate failure on Midtown lunch, but here’s to hoping that a more interesting (and cleaner) lunch spot takes their place. And for anyone in the market for some heat lamps, hotel pans and other restaurant supply goodies, it looks like they’re auctioning off the final remnants of the restaurant this Thursday.

Tomato Deli Shuttered by the DOH

Tomato DOH

I happened to walk past the generic salad bar/deli, Tomato (52nd St between Lexington & 3rd Ave.), and noticed they’ve been shuttered by the DOH with a whopping 93 violation points. Although we’ve never tried to food here, our condolences go out to the lunchers who relied on this place for their sushi, sandwich, and salad needs as well as the people that risked food poisoning by actually eating here.

Zocalo Combats DOH Closure With Free Margaritas!

Thanks to Mr. Wilson for sending in this tip about Zocalo in Grand Central: “Shut down by the health department yesterday for at least 2 days due to ‘refrigeration issues’. Will be hosting a customer appreciation night this coming monday. A sign posted yesterday invited everyone to ‘come by monday for a margarita on the house’.” Nice! Now that’s how you handle a Department of Health closure properly.

Ying Du Hit by the DOH: Yesterday Lunch'er "mw" posted this bad news in the forums:  Ying Du (on 38th btw. 7+8th) has been closed by the Department of Health.  It's not the first (or second) time this has happened (and not exactly a shock), but we hope it gets cleared to open back up soon!  If you work near there, let us know in the comments when they open back up.

DOH Strikes Pranzo and Gahm Mi Oak

Well, this is a crappy way to end the week! Lunch’er Dan sends over this photo of Pranzo, the generic deli on 50th btw. 6+7th.  In far sadder news, though, @ambitiousdelish just let us know that the DOH hit Gahm Mi Oak as well!  Hopefully it will all be sorted out by Monday…

Spice Fusion Closed by the DOH? (Or Maybe They Just Don’t Want that “C”)

According to Gothamist the Department of Health will start putting up letter grades in restaurant windows next week, and according to the Post over 6000 restaurants will be receiving C’s (score of 28 or more.) In related news Spice Fusion (the popular Indian buffet on 8th Ave. btw. 47+48th) got a 38 last month and are now “temporarily closed”. Also in danger of getting C’s according to the latest numbers posted to the DOH website: Minar, Teriyaki Boy, Olympic Pita, Yagura, and Pizza by Certe (!?!) Plus there are a ton more right on the cusp.

Attention NYC Restaurants: You’ll All Be Graded on Your Performance From Here On Out!

K! Pizzacone Closed By the DOH: According to Eater, K! Pizzacone (on 5th btw. 32+33rd) was closed by the Department of Health on Monday for electrical issues. They hope to open today or tomorrow at the latest. We can't help but wonder if the DOH reads the New Yorker. (They obviously read the New York Times.)

Menchanko Tei 55 Gets the DOH

Got some sad news from Midtown north on Friday… the Menchanko Tei on 55th btw. 5+6th has been closed by the DOH.  We don’t know for sure why they were closed, or when they will reopen- but they did have an inspection about a month ago and the results aren’t pretty. If you don’t want to read the specifics, and we don’t really blame you if you don’t, we’ll just tell you that they got a 61 (28 and below is passing.)   Then again, roaches didn’t stop us from going to the 45th street location, so this probably won’t keep us away from the 55th Street location.

Where the New York Times Goes, the DOH Will Follow (With Their Stupidity)


Ouch.  Nothing like ending your biggest PR week of all time with a little Department of Health action.  Lunch’er Alvin spotted this in the window of the new 2 Bros Pizza location on 38th and 8th.  It’s too soon for the inspection to be posted on the DOH website, so we have no idea why they were closed- but with a new place like this it’s probably something stupid, like not having the proper sink installed.  No word on when they will reopen…

UPDATE: The owner just checked in with an explanation… and surprise! It is something stupid.

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