$1 Pizza Not For Bloggers, Cabbies, or Pizza Lovers… It’s For Homeless People

This morning’s New York Times has an article on the rising popularity of the two major $1 pizza empires in New York City99 Cent Fresh Pizza and 2 Bros. Some interesting tidbits… $1 pizza has “delighted, dismayed and disturbed pizza lovers, food bloggers and rival pizzeria owners” (who knew!?), the Manager of DiFara thinks “it’s great… for the people that aren’t interested in high-quality product” (ouch!), some businesses buy the pizza in bulk and resell it for twice the price (really?), and the inspiration for the original 99 Cent Fresh Pizza place behind Port Authority was wanting to help homeless people (I actually believe that.) The article didn’t mention the brand new 2 Bros that just opened on 8th Ave., but it did break the news that 99 Cent Pizza will be opening a new location on 34th Street and 3rd Ave. next month. Nice.

A New 99 Cent Pizza Battle Surfaces
$1 Slice Alert: St. Marks’ 2 Bros. Pizza is Officially Open
99¢ Fresh Pizza (Expands its Mini Empire!!!)


  • Homeless lunchers unite!

  • Everyone should be able to eat pizza, even the homeless.

  • 2 Bros. should get some love too. A solid dollar slice. No tax either. None of that 8 cents nonsense. ;P

    • There are several comments on 2 Bros. in the article, as I noted below. They even compare condiments at the 2 shops, and note that 2 Bros. has seating. Gee, sometimes I feel like I’m the only person around who has been gifted with the magical superpower of “reading”!

      • stevenp, I read the article. I DO NOT stand corrected. I meant LOVE, not just a lil blurb and lil pic. That’s just me though. I’m more passionate about my pizza than literacy. LOL.

  • Goats, how you doin on that feral lunch thing? You can wrap the pigeon in a $1 slice and call it chicken parm…

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    “Pizza is a lot like sex. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

  • The Times article does indeed talk about 2 Bros. “one block down Ninth Avenue, at West 40th Street,” and has a bit of background on 2B as well. Did the ML Team not even read the article?

    • Calm down… The “ML Team” didn’t say that the article doesn’t mention 2 Bros, or the original location on 9th Ave.?! Just that it didn’t point out that a brand *new* 2 Bros location on 8th Ave. just opened.

      It wasn’t meant as a dig, it was just a friendly reminder to lunchers about the new 2 Bros that just opened. (We’re trying to be helpful…)

  • SMO–sorry, you stand corrected. It was much more than a a “little blurb.” 2B was discussed throughout the article–it’s location,the first shop on St Mark’s opened in 2008, it’s seating and lack of grated parm, how the 2B $1 slice originated, its General Mills flour, a quote from one of the 2 Bros. himself, ETC. In act, “2 Bros.” appears 15 times in the article.

    Protest all you want. Can’t change the NYT article.

    • End of 1st paragraph should read: “In fact” I really do have a crappy keyboard. The space bar is also on the fritz.

      • NO I DO NOT STAND CORRECTED. You feel the way you do. I have aright to feel the way I do. I just didn’t feel the love when I read it. NO CHANGING THE WAY another person views an article. stevenp, this isn’t a dictatorship or a part of your scheme to mind-control people!! Get that through your skull. LOL.

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    Some of you (ahem … stevenp)need to learn how to read more carefully. The ML team (whom I’m assuming is Zach) said that the NEW 2 Brothers (ya know, the one on 8th Ave)was not mentioned.

  • Can everyone just shut the F up, this shit is annoying

  • I cant stand to read a forum about my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

  • From “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday, March 9, 2007:

    “New Rule: Ex-New Yorkers have to stop bitching about how there’s no good pizza in L.A. You’re a junior agent at William Morris, not Joe Pesci. People in L.A. don’t care about pizza because, unlike New Yorkers, after we pay rent, we have money left over to buy real food.”

    I figured you New Yawk folks missed this wisdom because you reportedly prefer to watch “American Idol” than an intelligent, mind-enhancing program.

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      hey, dont lump all new yorkers together with that american idol stuff… thats insulting

      i like to watch intelligent news shows like the colbert report and the daily show, jon stewart was voted the most trusted name in news media of course

  • …and if anyone is in desperate need of mind enhancement, it’s DocChuck

  • I think it means he still watches old gay porn on his betamax

    • Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that I recognized you and your BF in some of those old movies ‘Fred.’ Of course, that was WAY before you had to quickly move out of New Yawk City in the wee hours — LOL.

      So, I guess you must be wishing that you could come back home and scarf up some of those 99-cent slices.

      Ain’t gonna happen, ‘Fred.’ YOU are the ‘Freak of the Week’ — well, actually the FREAK of the entire decade — LOL!

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