A New 99 Cent Pizza Battle Surfaces


Remember when 99 Cent Fresh Pizza operated in Midtown with a monopolistic iron fist?  Their original location, behind the Port Authority on 9th Ave. and 41st, has always been well known for its constant line, and fast service.  A slice of pizza for 99 cents is not going to be the best tasting slice you’ve ever had, but there are always customers- insuring a fresh out of the oven slice every single time.  It may not be a taste revelation, but it certainly revolutionized this fat guy’s view of a slice as a viable snack (i.e. if it costs $1, you can consider it a snack.)

Naturally they expanded to 43rd btw. Lex+3rd a couple of years ago, and quite possibly put Prince Deli out of business (it became a Five Guys Burgers and Fries today, actually.)   So it’s no surprise that competition was going to eventually take aim.  2 Bros Pizza popped up behind Port Authority back in April, with what I think is a superior slice- and there is no doubt it has hurt business. So I’m guessing the owners must be equally scared about the nameless 99 Cent Pizza place which opened last month on Lexington btw. 45+46th (right around the corner from the second location of 99 Cent Fresh Pizza.)  2 Bros is a completely different product, making a side by side comparison pretty easy (Slice agrees with me about 2 Bros. being better), but this new spot on Lexington is run by a former employee of the 99 Cent Pizza place on 43rd.  So naturally I was expecting both places to taste exactly the same.

Not so says this commenter, declaring the new place on Lexington the better slice.  Clearly I needed to check this out for myself.


The original location of 99 Fresh Pizza (on 43rd btw. Lex+3rd) is quite the scene at lunch time.  The line stretches out of the tiny location, and down 43rd street towards 3rd practically every single day around lunchtime.  Thankfully, it moves pretty quickly… but not so quick that missed out on hearing passerby after passerby ask “Whoa!  What’s going on here?  Is the pizza that good?”  Literally, we were asked that at least once per minute while we waited… making me want to reply “What the fuck do you think?  It’s $99 cent pizza.  What do you think?  It’s not rocket science.”  The slice was a standard slice of 99 cent pizza, practically identical to its Port Authority counterpart.  Extremely doughy crust, standard not too sweet pizza sauce, and a generous helping of unremarkable, but freshly melted cheese.  The crust below the slice had a bit of a crunch, which I’ll admit I don’t love… but some people might enjoy. It’s just personal preference, I guess.


Admittedly I’m no pizza expert, but I think Luncher “StreeMeasonsumer3008″ might be right.  I kind of enjoyed the slice from the new joint a little better.  They are pretty similar, but I think the new place might have a bit more flavor.  Oregano… something?  I don’t know.  It just was  a bit better.  And because they are new, there thankfully wasn’t much of a line (if there had been, it would have taken awhile… they don’t quite have their “slice delivery system” in place yet.)

All in all you’re not going to go wrong with either place, for the price.  It’s fresh, hot pizza for 99 cents a slice (plus tax.)  And what could be bad about that? Although I was pretty disappointed to discover that they charge tax, making each slice a buck a change, although I think the new place charges $1.08 and the original place on 43rd charges $1.07.  Either way, both represent a disappointing departure from the two Port Authority spots where a single dollar bill buys you slice.  But then again, that’s Midtown proper for you!

99 Cent Fresh Pizza, 151 E. 43rd St. (btw. Lex & 3rd), 212-922-0257
99 Cent Frest Hot Pizza, 459 Lexington Ave. (btw. 45+46th), 212-682-8660


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    I’m pretty sure the Port Authority one charges tax also. $1.07 if I remember correctly. I went last about 6 months ago.

  • The thing that always puts 99 Cent Pizza over the top for me was the free hot sauce they have at the counter, which I think it makes it eminently more enjoyable. Does the new spot have the same stuff?

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      We have hot sauce located at all of our locations now.

      9th Ave & 41st
      42nd & 9th Ave
      43rd btwn Lex & 3rd
      6th Ave btwn 8th & Waverly Pl
      New Location Opening soon 34th & 3rd Ave.

  • There is now a THIRD 99cent slice place near the PABT! Near the corner of 9th and 42nd, opened up a couple of weeks ago, it’s next to a newer bagel place, and Papaya whatever on the corner. I had a slice there last week, pretty similar to the other two in the area.

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      Our idea behind this location was that we would be able to provide some seating as well as more products. Or what I’ve called more bang for your buck. And yes no tax on the $1 slice.

  • I agree 2 Bros is better then the port authority 99 cent one. And the 99 cent pizza & 2 Bros has never charged me tax, they are my go-to spots before any happy hour in that area. It maybe when the lines are short they have time to charge tax? Also, Zach how could you not like a crunchy crust?? SLICE would disapprove.

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    I think Slice has lost it’s way a bit.

    If it’s not a $25 pie made with actual Neapolitan water imported from …. Naples, and containing actual drippings of sweat from a pieman who can trace his lineage back to a 15th generation pizzaiolo, forget about it.

    I still love those guys, been reading it since back when it was SliceNY and I still catch up with it every few weeks, but the over the top worship of fancy-pants pies gets a bit old after awhile.

    I like thus guy’s style and his quixotic mission, even though he totally dissed my favorite local slice joint big time. Musta got a bad slice that day. (Shout out to Pablo at Exclusive Pizza on 181st! Even though he’s never gonna see this comment…)


    PS There’s a word for a slice with no crunch – Soggy. Or more likely, based on that pic, “Raw!”

  • Word on the SliceHarvester site… That guy is an inspiration to Pizza Eaters across this fair city.

  • Alright, Zach actually checked out both 99 cent slices. lol.

    The new place is better, despite the 1 penny difference. Plus the guy at old 99 when I went to compare the two tried to shaft me of my change when I gave him a dime. I told him to fork over my pennies. HAHA.

    Both including the classic 99 near Port Authority, however, are not going to to topple 2 Bros Pizza.

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      Hey there, I’m glad you got your 3 pennies back! and we apologize for the tax, it’s all about the location, location, location.

      And we aren’t really trying to topple anyone, we are the original and we will be there for a while! We do hope that 2 Bros Pizza prospers and continue to help us aid the ever working New yorkers to save money while eating a fresh pizza!

  • @jhg – Actually that third place is owned by the same people who own 99 Fresh Pizza. I heard a rumor that the building with the original 99 Cent Fresh Pizza (on 41st and 9th) is getting torn down, so they opened that one preemptively…

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      Hello Zach, the man of the hour! Yes what you have heard is a rumor… I’m glad that Mr. Stiles is a mind setting man and has not sold out for the new construction.

  • I actually went to both on Friday. I confirm that old is 1.07 and the new is 1.08. The New is definitely worth the 1 penny more. Definitely don’t let the old dudes stiff you on change if you don’t have exact 7 cents. Hahaha.

    The taste comparison is there. I think the NEW has a slightly better sauce and the old one has a ‘funk’ to their slices – either with it’s dough or the sauce. Maybe that’s just my palate.

  • Oh no, the place with the old 99cent pizza place is also Stiles vegetable market too!

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