Five Guys 3rd Ave. is Finally Open


After months and months of anticipation, Midtown East finally has its own Five Guys! On Saturday, as promised, the Five Guys on 3rd Ave btw. 43+44th opened to the public, and Lunch’er Christopher was there to check it out. He reported that it wasn’t that crowded, but as you can see they had a *ton* of employees working the line. “The staff outnumbered the patrons 2 to 1.” I doubt that ratio will hold up today- but it’s good to hear they’ve got a big staff. They’re going to need them today… (Early adopters, feel free to send in reports from the scene.)

Five Guys is NYC’s Closest Thing to In N Out Burger


  • Definitely will be on the list of regular places to go

  • What are the prices?

  • I brown bagged a healthy lunch for today, but forget that.


  • DDR: EXPENSIVE. To me at least, compared to the prices in the burbs, but I should’ve known better. Bacon cheeseburger is $8.50 (double patty).

  • I’ve eaten at the one in Park Slope and one in South Florida. This place is VERY corporate and chain-like, with every location serving IDENTICAL food. Not my cup of tea at all. That being said, the fries are fresh cut and outstanding (although the sign listing where that day’s potatoes come from is pretentious and stupid); and I love the peanuts. The burgers are good, but nothing unique.

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    DDR: The prices are somewhat high for just burgers and fries, however it is below $10 and the fact that you can get free unlimited toppings makes it easily worth it.. plus what is neat is while your order is cooking, they have salted and unsalted peanuts you can take and munch on.. definitely not a healthy lunch but it is easily the best fast food burger joint on the east coast (when is In & Out coming to NY??? We finally got Sonics… that is next)

  • i think under 10$ for burger fries and unlimited toppings is a pretty good deal…even the wendys and mcdonalds and other “cheaper” options are freaking 7$ for a value emeal…rather spend a dollar more and get quality.

  • yeah same prices, about $10 for burger and fries and no drink. just got back from there, still a million employees but the scene started getting a little crowded on my way out. but at 11:30 it was pretty civil.

  • Just finished my bacon cheese burger and fries from here. They give you a TON of fries. It’s not just the cup, they spill another portion into your bag making it a greasy treasure trove of fried carbs. The lines were long, but they were clearly trying to make it as streamline as possible. I waited like 7 mins for my burger, but at least I didn’t have to wait 90. This branch makes a pretty tasty burger. The meal ended up being 12 bucks and change. But seeing my coworker ramble in his burger drunk state, kind of makes it worth it. Kind of. Next time, I think I will forgo the fries.

  • yeah it took me many trips to realize that you should only get fries if you plan on sharing them or eating them later. the fry portion is not built for the modern human on the go.

  • just got back also…lady behind me was taking scoops of peanuts an dputting them in her coat pocket which deterred me from taking any…but it was a great burger and soo many fries…food coma here i come.

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