$1 Slice Alert: St. Marks’ 2 Bros. Pizza is Officially Open

2 Bros Pizza

As promised by Grub Street last week, 2 Bros. Pizza opened today in the just out of bounds Hell’s Kitchen location of 9th Ave. & 40th Street. I don’t know if I’d normally trek to 9th Ave. for $1 pizza (oh, who am I kidding of course I would). 2 Bros. Pizza is already a well know dollar-a-slice mainstay in the East Village, and clearly they are looking to challenge 99 Cent Fresh Pizza’s domination of Midtown (they have two locations, one just one blocks away on 9th Ave. and 41st.) If today is any indication, they’re going to do pretty well…

2 Bros Pizza

Like I said yesterday, I’m no pizza expert- but the $1 slices that are now just across the street from each other are more similar than different. They both lean to the doughy side, and are smaller than the average New York slice… but from my initial tasting, I’ve got to give the edge to 2 Bros.

Then again, I’m not that confident in my own opinion. I like both! What I’d like to see is Adam Kuban do a side by side comparison of the two pizzas, Slice style (i.e. from the eye of somebody who knows about pizza.) What do you say Adam? (And this game of blog tag continues… from Grub Street to Midtown Lunch to Slice.)

Thanks to Lunch’er Janine from Life With Food and Drink for reminding me about the opening.

2 Bros. Pizza, 542 9th Ave. (on 40th Street)


  • FREAK OF THE W…..err wait, we already did that


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    is it exactly a dollar or is it $1.07? which i don’t mind at all, but i like knowing whether to ready my stack of pennies

  • The 2 Bros. on 17th and 6th also has a great fried chicken spread with candied yams and string beans, around $1 an item. Are they bringing that to midtown?

  • @Food in Mouth – The $1 includes tax. Actually it’s commendable that 2 Bros’ signs say $1. 99 cent fresh pizza *never* gives you your penny change!

  • I always preferred Saint Mark’s for the reason that you give them $2 and you get 2 slices, none of that .35 bullshit.

  • I didn’t see anything but cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza

  • That pizza looks like it has lung disease

  • Doesn’t 99 cents pizza charge you tax? It’s been a while but I wasn’t too impressed last time. I always preferred the guys behind port authority on 42nd and 9th. Haha. I’ll give any dollar-slice a chance though. I have no high expectations for cheap pizza.

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    well, then this beats the other “dollar” slice by 7 cents.

    not that anyone would choose one or the other for that amount of money, but it’s friggin annoying to dig for 7 pennies. they need to get rid of pennies from the currency

  • Everytime I’ve been to 99 Cent Fresh Pizza they just take my $1. have they started charging tax? Does the one near Grand Central charge you tax?

  • Yea, I been to the one near Grand Central a few times and get 2 slices…they take 2.15 from me. They def. not worth the xtra 15 cents. Haha. Someone else please confirm. lol.

  • It looks like the inside of Chucky’s undies.

  • I confirm you always pay tax at Lex. Zach it’s probably cuz your “zach”

  • haha. i wish that were true… i’ve actually never gotten a slice at the location on Lex. (amazingly enough)

  • Yep $.99 near Lex does in fact charge the tax… kind of mad now that I know these places don’t!

  • I asked the guy at the counter and he said they are adding the fried chicken spread in about 2 weeks. I also know for a fact that tax is encluded in their price. no $1.07 bs at 2 bros.

  • Cant wait till my people find out about the fried chicken spread!


  • Zach, I have met your challenge and have just posted my review of the cheap-ass slice showdown—2 Bros. vs. 99¢ Fresh Pizza. Thank you for the challenge. It was fun to go through with it.

    And FYI: The 99¢ in Hell’s Kitchen does not charge tax — or rather, the tax is included in the $1 price. I can’t speak to the one on Lex., since I’ve never gotten a slice there.

  • The 99-cent pizza behind Port Authority DOES charge tax. Was there last week. $1.07 for a slice. And the 2 Bros.at 6th Ave does have a nice spread of fried chicken pieces for$1 each. Tax is included on this and the $1 slices. (Pepperoni pizza is $1.50/slice.)

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