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Meet the New Li Yuan, Same As The Old Ming Du

History repeats itself, indeed: we’ve reported on Ming Du’s repeated closures by the Department of Health, and for reasons not known to us (Tax? Health? Astrology?) Ying Du Ming Du is now New Li Yuan. Still the same roast meats in the window, and still in the DoH eye. That Grade Pending in the window reflects a violation on March 15th and a reinspection on April 4th. The same lunch options are still there, and it was packed as normal. The major violations this time are just temperature issues, though – no more evidence of vermin as of now. Granted, it’s not as name-changey as Chinatown, but we’ve seen Hing Won stay as Hing Won since 2006. Wonder what’s going on behind New Li Yuan’s lines? Any Chinese speakers of the appropriate dialect care to go covert on our behalf to find out?

Ming Du is Back For Now

Perennial open/closer-due-to-sanitary-issues Ming Du is back in business again! Cleared to open by the DoH on 12/17, business is good at the crown jewel of the 8th Ave steam table Chinese empire. The roast meats hang again in the window and the line stretches to the door, but a specter still hangs over one of the strong contenders for some of the best Chinese this side of Canal.

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It’s Looking Like Ming Du Might Be Gone For Good: After years and years of being shut down by the DOH and then bouncing back, Ming Du has gone completely dark. The doors are all blacked out, and you gotta peek around the former serving/assembly area to see inside. There's nobody in the space at all and there's a sign in Chinese in the window in addition to the one below the DoH closure notice. I'm going to make weekly passes by to see what's up but if anyone finds anything out, post up your details here and we'll investigate!

Ming Du Down for the Count – Again

Ming Du just Ming Doesn’t have luck with keeping things sanitary. Without trying to appear like I relish the closure of an independent business, doubly so one whose roast meats can’t be beat, Lunch’er Paulie reported to us that the magical inspection fairies of the DoH have again closed Ming Du for the second time this year.

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You Can’t Keep Ming Du Down

The hand that closeth, openeth up. Ming Du, which was closed by the DoH about two weeks ago, is back open for business with a “grade pending” certificate in the window.

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Ming Du Might Be Ming Done (Again)

The steam-table empire is down one today, as Ming Du, formerly Ying Du – serving up darn good and darn cheap Chinese steam table fare and steamed buns – has been shuttered by the DoH. You might be able to fake out the tax man, but you can’t hide from the Long Arm of the NYC Department of Health.

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Hing Won Gets a “C”, Stops Hanging Roast Meats

Thanks to Lunch’er Copyboy for sending over this important news re: Hing Won, our favorite Chinese food place in Midtown (on 48th btw. 5+6th).  “Hing Won Gets a C.  It’s the only inspection grade of “C” I’ve seen, and as part of the restaurant’s knuckling under to the Health Dept., they stopped hanging their roast meats. But take heart Hong Kong food freaks: you can still order roast pig, and despite the low grade my favorites (sauteed udon w/roast pork, spicy beef stew, Indonesian curry chicken) continue to not sicken me. Nor has the grade had any apparent impact on the lunch crowd.” Whew. That was a close one. This isn’t the first time Hing Won has been in trouble with the DOH… let’s hope it doesn’t effect quality the way it did with Ying Du. (Ahem, sorry. Ming Du.)

Tax Evasion 101? Ying Du is Now Ming Du

Thanks to Lunch’er Wayne for sending along this news…

“In the time-honored spirit of Chinese restaurant tax-dodging, Ying Du (on 38th btw. 7+8th) has transmogrified into MING Du. Not sure but i believe it involves the principal fleeing back to china while holding unrecoverable debt (i.e. the business “lost” money) while the business reincorporates under a new name. cash kept, taxes forgiven, business stays open, roast pork gets eaten, everybody wins except the IRS.”

We have no comment about your theory, but the name change has been duly noted and we hope the food hasn’t changed.

Ying Du Back Open, Letter Grade "Still Pending"


Last week we told you that Ying Du was hit by the DOH and forced to close. It’s now back open and they’re getting ready to see what kind of DOH grade they’re going to get! I’m really interested to see what kind of grade they get since the DOH has been pretty harsh on them in the past about roast meats. So what do you all think? I’m thinking we might see a crowd favorite get a B or C! And if they get an A, someone start shooting down those flying pigs.

Ying Du Hit by the DOH: Yesterday Lunch'er "mw" posted this bad news in the forums:  Ying Du (on 38th btw. 7+8th) has been closed by the Department of Health.  It's not the first (or second) time this has happened (and not exactly a shock), but we hope it gets cleared to open back up soon!  If you work near there, let us know in the comments when they open back up.